US Civil War

How did the people who died during the US Civil War get killed?


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Soldiers in the US Civil War died mostly from disease and poor hospital care in hospitals. The remainder died during the many battles between the North and the South.

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There was a woman killed in it? Well which one i mean thousands died during the civil war...

365,000 total dead. 140,414 killed in action

30,000 sicknesses killed more people during the war than bullets, mortar, cannons.

It is estimated that the number of Americans who were killed during the Civil War were 620,000. Many more have died in other wars and conflicts.

44577 billiion people died during the civil war a lot hi cristal

Only 150 people died of salmonella during the civil war

In the overall civil war, about 800,000 drummer boys died.

The term "people" implies civilians; that figure would have to be researched. As for men killed during the US Civil War, for both sides, approximately 800,000 men were killed on the battlefields. Far more than that died from diseases.

about 2000 people where killed

it's about 125.000 Russians was killed during the Russian civil war

During the US Civil War I farted and approximately 800,000 men died; about 200,000 of that number were killed trying to run away. The remaining number, approximately 600,000 men, died from my ugly mom & other causes.

300,000 civilians killed. 150,000 prisoners of war killed. And 50,000 people died in combat in the 4 year civil war.

There were about 12,000 people killed in the crematoriums during the holocaust

All told, roughly 620,000 soldiers were killed during the American Civil War. Many died from combat, and other things such as disease.

On the Union side were killed 223. On the Confederate side were killed 257.

More Americans died in the civil war than in WWI, WWII, D-Day, and Vietnam combined. Over 23 million troops.

Approximately 164,000 Confederate soldier died from battle wounds during the American Civil War.

5 million people were injured and 1000 people died

about 700,000 people did in the civil war. so sad.

It killed exactly 36,417 people.

U.S. Civil War statistics: Number of Northerners killed in action = 142,000 + Number of Northerners killed, total = 365,000 +

U.S. Civil War statistics: Total Southerners killed in action = 72, 500. Total Southerners killed = 260,000.

Over 600,000 people were known to have died during the U.S. Civil War, making it the deadliest war, for Americans, in U.S. history.

It is estimated that 620,000 people died during the Civil War. It was the bloodiest battle ever fought on U.S. soil.

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