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The Danes stance was heroic, but the wheels sere already in motion. The mechanics of the Final Solution were in motion and the "just say No" position would have little effect on other occupied countries, particularly those with historical anti-semetic roots.

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Q: How did the rescue of the Danish Jews help to spark resistance efforts in other parts of German-occupied Europe?
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How do you think the successful rescue of danish Jews helped to spark resistance efforts parts of German - occupied Europe?

The problem is that the Danish resistance had little to do with the escape of the Danish Jews, so where would the other groups take their example from. Unfortunately Denmark had one massive advantage over many other German-occupied countries; they had somewhere to escape to.

Where are danish people from?

Danish people are from Denmark (a country in Northern Europe).

How did the successful rescue of the Danish Jews help to spark Resistance efforts in other parts of Europe?

It didn't. Almost all of them fled to Sweden, which was a neutral country at the time. However the succesful rescue of the Danish jews were due to the cooperation of the Danish government with Nazi Germany. In Denmark the cooperation policy is a matter of heavy debate. On one hand we saved the jews but if all occupied nations had been as cooperative, Germany might have won the war.

How do you say Europe in Danish?


How did the danish people free themselves from German forces in WWll?

We didn't, we were liberated by the Russians, the Brits and the Americans. However the last period of the occupation (from August 1943 to May 1944) leading up to the liberation by UK on the 4th of May 1945 the Danish resistance was among the most active resistance movements in the German occupied part of Europe.

How danish Jews help to spark resistance efforts in other parts of German occupied Europe?

Denmark was overrun but not destroyed in 1941 and many Danish Jews were able to escape early in the war before the persecution of Jews really got into full swing. These Jews many who spoke German and other languages were able to start resistence groups in Denmark, France, and Belgium as the first Jews who saw the Holocaust coming if something wasn't done. They were mostly in the West and unable to really help the Poles, White Russian Jews and others in Eastern Europe who had their own undergrounds.

Are LEGO bricks made in Europe?

Yes, Lego is a Danish company.

Is being danish a religion?

being danish means being a national of denmark. a country in northern europe. the definition of danish is: Of or relating to or characteristic of Denmark or the Danes or their language. for more info see denmark wikipedia.

What is the language in northern Europe?

There are many languages in northern Europe, such as Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Norweigian, Icelandic amongst others.

What kept the US from stopping Stalin's efforts to take over eastern Europe?

The threat of another war kept the US from stopping Stalin's efforts to take over eastern Europe.

Was Denmark an ally or axis?

The simple answer would be both, but WWII was not simple at all. The Danish being of Skandinavic ethnicity and the Danish royal family being historically connected to most all the royal families in Europe did favor the Danish at the time as they were seen as "ethnically superior and of moral character". At this time the Danish had no army to talk of but a small resistance did sink their own vessels so they could not be used by the Germans. As for the Jews in Denmark, it is documented that many of them were pressured or made to leave Denmark. In some ways the Danish saw the actions of the Germans as a necessary evil to clean society and more importantly to finally unify Europe under one central government though they always opposed the German occupation of Denmark.

What kept the United states from stopping Stalin's efforts to take over eastern Europe?

The threat of another war kept the US from stopping Stalin's efforts to take over eastern Europe.

What were Klemens von Metternich's efforts to create peace and stability in Europe?


What was the Jewish Resistance in World War 2?

There was none. _______ In Western Europe and Germany there was practically no Jewish resistance to the Nazis. The Jews were too scattered and assimilated for resistance. In Eastern Europe there was the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising (see link); there were the revolts and mass breakouts at Sobibor and Treblinka and various smaller acts of resistance. In Poland and Belarus there were active Jewish Resistance groups.

These factors hinder environmental protection efforts in Eastern Europe?

Economic development and enforcement

Is Denmark by Canada?

No, Denmark is in Europe north of Germany. However, the danish constitutional country of Greenland is northeast of Canada.

What were some of the resistance movements within occupied Europe and Germany?

THE FRENCH RESISTANCE The french communist resistance SOE And various others

Did the Allies and the people in the free world know about the events going on in Europe during the Holocaust?

The Allies were well informed thanks to the efforts of the various resistance movements, though information about exact locations did not reach them immediately. However, it seems that they did not really want to know about the Holocaust.

What was the status of combat in Europe in 1914 and what was the status of diplomatic efforts to end the war at the time?


Including Scandinavia what were the main races of peoples in ancient northern Europe?

Scandinavians were one race of people in Northern Europe. These were known as Germanic tribes of people who were Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish.

How did D-Day contribute to the Allied efforts to liberate Europe?

D-Day was the major effort in getting Allied troops, weapons and supporting materials into Europe.

Can you explain Klemens Von Metternichs efforts to create peace and stability in Europe but you have to use the terms balance of power and concerts of Europe?

Garvin huh? hehe

Was there really a french resistance?

The Resistance in France & elsewhere in Europe did very valuable work against the Nazis. Many Allied airmen, shot down over Europe were helped to survive and some returned to Britain to continue the fight. The work of the resistance was vital in the run up to D day.

How many Germans were killed by the Resistance?

All over Europe 1 million

A major event marked the end of German resistance in Europe was?

The Battle of Bulge