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How did the roles of women change in American society in 1800?

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they we able to work because of the industrial revolution

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To what extent and in what ways did the roles of women change in American society between 1790 and 1860?

The roles of women changed in American society between 1790 and 1860. They earned the right to vote which gave a voice in the direction of the country. Women also began to be paid for their labor.

What were the roles of women in American society in 1790s?

clean and cook

Women in society?

Women in society differ depending on their individual characteristics. Women are beginning to have equal roles in society. Their roles are not just limited to the family.

How did the roles of women during World War 1 change American society?

The prosperity of the 1920s opened new job opportunities for women in business offices, retail stores, factories, and various professions.

What roles were available to women in society?

Which society and when? Women have always played had a variety of roles in history, even in the most sexist societies, not just that of homemaker.

What are the basic roles of women in the society?

Often the basic roles of women in society are to care for the children and family. Women are often expected to be nurturing. Women also support the family financially either entirely or in part.

What were the roles of women in American society during 1900 - 1950?

They had changing roles throughout this time period. However, it was not until the 1960's that women began to break free of the betty homemaker role.

How did the roles of African Americans and women change during the world war 1?

their roles in the war for women was them serving as nurese and the African American men fighting in the war by themselves not with the other men

How did the women roles change mid 1800s?

In the early 1800s the industrial revolution began to change the economic roles of men and women

What are roles of women in the modern day of society?

main role

What did Christine de Pizan believe in?

Christine de Pizan believed that women were important to society and made contributions to society. She believed that the roles of women were distinct from those of men and did not write about equality for women but she wanted respect for women and their roles.

A major demographic change in American society during the 1990s was the increase in working women?


Can you make a sentence with the word society?

They carried out research into the roles of men and women in today's society

How far did the roles of women change during the 1920s?

Before 1917 women campaigners had fought for women changed during WW1 and by 1920 American women had the same voting rights as men.

What were the roles of women in American society during 1900 - 1930?

Women in American society from 1900 to 1930 were housekeepers until the Great Depression. Women had to do sewing and laundry for others in 1929 and 1930 just to put food on the table after their husbands lost their jobs. They also had to work day labor jobs.

How did Molly Pitcher affect American history?

Molly Pitcher helped change how society viewed women.

How did the women roles change during the war?


What roles were available to women in Chinese society?

Marco Polo and Gold Mining!

What is meant by the term gender roles?

It is the behavior that society expects of men and women

How did the war change womens roles in society during ww2?

With the men away fighting, the women took over many of the jobs traditionally done by men.

Do womens roles in society have to do with politics?

Because politics have granted women their rights, the answer is yes.

What were the changing roles of woman in Africa?

Changing women's roles in society evolved in the areas of occupational, moral, and social reform. The changing roles of women had a serious effect on the atmosphere of society, the movements of labor, rights, and domestic reformation.

How does a man date a woman with no money?

Unlike women men don't really think about women the same way that women think about men. Women want men with good stable jobs so that he can be a provider for her and her offspring. It is part of our culture in the society that we live in that we established these gender roles. Gender roles are roles that men and women play because that is what our society expects of them. One of the gender roles is that a man should be a provider for his wife and children. When a guys dates a women with no money he does not care. He wants to be attracted to her and that she treat him nice.

Which change in American Society occurred during World War 2?

Women replaced men in essential wartime industries.

How did war change women's roles in society?

While the men were away fighting the wars, the roles for women shifted. During this time, women were expected to provide for their families, along with taking care of their household duties. This included working to pay the bills, as well as taking care of their homes and children.