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They all felt MacArthur sucked


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probably 10,000 soldiers died during the korean war.

Over 100,000 US Servicemen were wounded in the Korean War.

2,448,095 soldiers died in total in the Korean war.

there was an estimated 7 million soldiers that died during the korean war, and 3 million civilians.

Although helicopters had been invented prior to the Korean War; helicopters were widely used for the first time during the Korean War.

Perhaps you are thinking of the Stars & Stripes ... the newspaper distributed to soldiers during the Korean War. Today, that paper is published in Europe for the troops.

More than 50,000 U.S. soldiers were killed during the Korean War, and about 8,100 are still listed as missing in action.

The names of the soldiers of all the countries who died defending South Korea during the Korean War.

Over 7,000 Philippine servicemen were deployed to the Korean War (1950-1953); over a hundred lost their lives during the conflict. See: "Filipino Soldiers in the Korean War."

1)Many soldiers experienced frostbite during the subzero temperatures in winter it was in the 1950s 2)there were 58,000 soldiers in the Korean war 3)over 3 million people died

Over 4 million US Airmen, Marines, Sailors, and Soldiers served in Korea during the war.

There were a total of 131 recipients in the Korean war, 94 were awarded posthumously.

Six bodies of unknown soldiers were added to the Tomb of the Unknown in 1958. Two were soldiers killed during World War II and the other four were soldiers killed during the Korean War.

Korea was a Japanese Colony during World War 2. There is o recorded Military deaths of any Korean Soldier but 450,000 Civilians were killed during World War 2.

During the Korean War, Chinese people were affected in that so called Volunteers from China were sent to help the North Koreans. The result was the deaths of many Chinese soldiers. The Korean War was just one part of the "Cold War".

Many soldiers experienced frostbite during the subzero temperatures in winter. it was in the 1950s

The official US death toll for the Korean War is 36,516 How many of that total were Jewish Soldiers?

It was on the Korean Peninsula. That's why it is called the Korean War.

how many soldiers had canada in the korean war of 1950-53?

Yes, Nurses got something out of the Korean war. SEX WITH SOLDIERS.

Canada sent many soldiers, ships and aircraft to the Korean war.

No, there was no rationing in korean war

No, it was about the Korean war but was filmed in 1970 during Vietnam.

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