What did Koreans think and feel about the Korean War?

To answer the question, it would be better to take a fast look at the history of the Korean War. At dawn on the 25, June In 1950, Kim Ilsung's North Korean Armed Forces, conspired and backed China and Russia, made a surprise attack on South Korea, breaking the 38th parallel, borderline between North and South Korea, and pushed southward down to near Busan, southernmost port of Korea. United Nations Security Coucil was immediately convened and decided to stop that unprovoked agression and dispatched armed forces from 16 member countries, mostly from U.S.A. to confront the agressors. The renowned Incheon landing by the U.N. forces under the command of Late Douglas MacArthur turned the war table and the UN Forces began to couterattack, pushing them upto near the Amnokgang(the Yalu River) ), where, this time, a large number of Chinese troops intervened against South Korean and U.N. forces. The war continued for about 3 years till the 27, July 1953 when the Armistice Agreement was reached by the two hostile parties. From then on, Democratic South Korea emerged as a powerfu and affluent economy ranking 11th or 12th in the world, thanks to democratic and free market policy lined with western countries, while North Korea, lined with communist bloc, is still in the bracket of the poorest entities in the world. It was a tragic war between Democracy and Communism.