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it became more important

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Q: How did the status of the artist change during the Renaissance?
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How did the social status of the Renaissance artist differ from that of the artist living in the middle ages?

During the middle ages, artists were considered humble craftspeople who merly put ideas from god into a visual form, but during the renaissance artists were greatly respected for their intellect and creativity. -M.H.

Was feminism and idea of the Renaissance?

Yes Feminism was a part of the renaissance ideal. Renaissance means literally "rebirth" and feminism was not a rebirth but a birth of women's idealism. Even though it wasn't a rebirth of an idea it was still an renaissance ideal in that it re-birthed women in general to a higher status in society. Women before the renaissance were insignificant. During and after the rebirth they played bigger roles in society as artist and writer. Both of which were originally only men's occupations.

What did clothing look like during the American renaissance?

Italian and Germanic designs influenced people in America during renaissance. Clothing of women were square-shaped or barrel-shaped and wide, declaring a symbol of status.

Did the legal status of upper-class women decline during the renaissance?

Yes their status declined. They were excluded from public activities and had to engage in more domestic activities at home.

One of the effects of the renaissance was to change the status of artists in Europe from?

Skilled crafts workers to intellectuals

What is the position of the artist in Las Meninas by Diego Velasquez?

Raised the status of the artist

What was the status of slavery during the renaissance?

ple. Thy were treated as domestic animals and many women were forced to carry the children of thier masters.

How did economic scarcity and warfare change the status of women during the stone age?

women, who did not usually serve as soldiers,declined in status

Why might powerful rulers and wealthy business people choose to become patrons of the arts during the renaissance?

In order for rulers and the wealthy to show sophistication and class during renaissance, they would in a practical sense, invest in arts to show off thier status.

What was the difference in economic conditions between the middle ages and the Renaissance?

During the Renaissance there was banking, more trading especially in Florence Italy, and the social status was still there but there were changes. Those were the main differences. Hope that helps.

How did perception and status of the artist change in the Renaissance?

The new ideas and knowledge that came out of the Renaissance changed the way people looked at both art and artists. Medieval painting had presented life through symbolism while the Renaissance preferred realism. Renaissance artists developed portraiture and humanized their subjects. This new style of art was viewed as contributing to the overall attempt by intellectuals to improve the world through novel approaches to thought, and a revival of ideas from ancient Greek and Roman cultures. Because of this, artists were regarded very highly.

What were the attitudes and concerns during the renaissance?

People were no longer limited by birthright status. They could rise above their station in life through ability and wealth accumulation.

How did Napoleon's ambitions differ from the goals of the FrenchRevolution How did France's status in Europe change during his rule?


How was Social status determined during the renaissance?

With individualism anyone could pursue their dreams and be what they wanted and people could become at a higher class then they were originally at~! Awesome ain't it

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What changes occurred in society during the renaissance?

Social status changed fron birthright to be able to climb the social ladder based on wealth and ability. The middle class developed.

Did radicals want a change in status quo?

Yes, radicals want to change the status quo.

How did ancient texts and status affect Renaissance scholars?

because they didnt know what it mean't :)

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What caused the change in status of women during the middle ages?

nothing women always just gave birth and cried

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What was patronage during the renaissance?

A system in which a wealthy person or patron would gain power, status, and money by employing a scientist who would seek new knowledge. The client/scientist would therefore also gain power, status, and money. It was a win-win situation.

What is the antonym of status quo?