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how did the transcontinential railroad affect the way people thought about the united states?

It was very dangerous for them and they had to be careful not to get driven by.

The transcontinental railroad primed the agricultural industries for mass production. They were previously unable to ship large amounts of produce, and the railroad provided a new opportunity.

a railroad that runs across the contient... the transcontinental railroad is a railroad that reaches from North Carolina to California.

The American Experience - 1988 Transcontinental Railroad 15-7 was released on: USA: 27 January 2003

Both the Erie Canal and the Transcontinental Railroad made an impact in American history connecting our nation. Both made transportation faster and improved businesses.

The transcontinental railroad is 690 miles long.

The Transcontinental Railroad Acts, also known as the Pacific Railroad acts, were acts passed in the early 1860s to encourage the construction of the transcontinental railroad. Construction was incentivized by giving land and bonds to the railroad companies.

100 million people worked on the transcontinental railroad

The transcontinental railroad ended in Utah with a golden spike and bronze spike.

The transcontinental railroad from California to Nebraska was finalized on May 10,1869.

Asa Whitney thought of the Transcontinental Railroad after the Lewis and Clark expedition.

They worked on the transcontinental railroad and got about $1 dollar a day.

Immigrants and minorities did most of the work on the first transcontinental railroad.

The Transcontinental Railroad was finished on May 10, 1869.

In May of 1869, the Central Pacific railroad and the Union Pacific railroad met each other in Utah, forming the first transcontinental railroad in the United States. With that said, those railroad companies had joint ownership of the transcontinental railroad.

The Chinese started building the Transcontinental railroad in 1863 and the Transcontinental railroad was finished in 1869.

it affected them because it affected their homes and they took their food.

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The transcontinental railroad is a continuous network of railroad trackage that crosses continental land masses at oceans and continental borders.

What happened during to the Irish workers during the transcontinental railroad construction

The companies that built the transcontinental railroad are the Union Pacific and the Central Pacific.

Yes. The Chinese workers on the transcontinental railroad got paid.

Theodore Judah was the first chief engineer of what became the transcontinental railroad.

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