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Q: How did weapons change from the 1700's to the 2000s?
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What kind of weapons did they use in the 1700s?

forks and knives ffforksk and knivees:D

What weapons did Japan use during the 1700s?

Teppo matchlocks, or imported flintlocks.

What were the weapons in trechwarfare?

The Trench Warfare occurred when a revolution in firepower was not matched in the 1700s. The weapons that were used in the Trench Warfare were swords, clubs, and guns.

How and why did transportation change in New Jersey in the 1700s?

it has change a little not so much

How did ny change from the late 1700s to the early 1800s?


How Change password of weapons of war?

how to change paaword in weapons of war

How did weopons change from the 1700s?

Many say that the weopons have changed by from the Am. revolution from muskets to machine guns, from cannons to tanks, and minute men to snipers. Today we have fighter jets, c130's and many other expensive weapons.

What kinds of weapons did 1700s gunsmiths make?

Mainly muskets, shotguns and rarely- a pistol. Very few made rifles.

What summarizes an idea central to European romanticism in the 1700s?

Change is imment

How did ingredients on pizza change since 1700s?

they change it up. pizza is greaser and more tasteful these days.

How do you change the weapons you use on Mafia Wars?

You can't change weapons. You automatically use your best ones.

On thing thing arena 2 how do you change weapons?

how do you change your weapons on thing thing arena 2