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How did you feel when you were being stalked?

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Especially because I didn't think the guy would do that. I felt helpless, scared, hurt, scared for my family & friends. I was afraid to go to work. Afraid to be anywhere alone. I felt violated.


If its someone whos in love with you, you feel weird but shocked that theyre that obssesed with you.


I have been stalked by many girls in my life. How I felt ranged from girl to girl. The more crazy they were the more scared I got but the more "normal" they were the more flattered I was.


scared, you never know what'll happen next, scared and afraid

ANSWER:You feel as though you may die at any moment,terrified,paranoid etc..and

It's not funny it's the most horrific thing that could happen to a female..I had a serial killer stalking me so much he followed me into a shopping complex ,I hid in one of my friends cleaning stores behind the counter, I had my phone tapped, he knew when my boyfriend left the house,he knew what I was wearing at night, and I had my dark curtains closed,he would follow me when I got off from work.Thank God when the police caught him ,he turned out to be a serial killer of women and throwing them in the trash !Why would any normal person put another human being thru that?

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How do you tell if you are being stalked?

if your being watched

What year did Olivia newton john go back to Australia when being stalked by a killer?

She did not get stalked

Disadvantage of Facebook?

danger of being stalked

What do you do if you are and a friend are being stalked by a lesbian physio chick?

Just ignore it for as long as possible if it excels past just being stalked GET A RESTRAINING ORDER!

What are the release dates for Anna Is Being Stalked - 2002?

Anna Is Being Stalked - 2002 was released on: USA: January 2002 (Sundance Film Festival)

What phobia is the fear of being stalked?

There isn't a word that has been coined to address the phobia for the fear of being stalked. There is a word, however, that means fear of being watched. That word is anatidaephobia.

What is cyber stalking and grooming?

It is being stalked on the internet

Are you being stalked online?

If you suspect you are being stalked online, the first step is to contact the local authorities. They can review the history and, if needed, take the legal action necessary.

Was Selena Gomez stalked?

Yeah, she was being stalked by this guy and they told him that he wasn't allowed to be within 100 meters of her for 3 years

What are the release dates for Lonelygirl15 - 2006 Being Stalked 2-131?

Lonelygirl15 - 2006 Being Stalked 2-131 was released on: USA: 3 January 2008

What if you are being storked?

If you are being stalked you should alert police as soon as possible. If you are being storked call a vet.

What is the phobia for the fear of being stalked?

It isn't really a phobia, it would be called paranoia. Nobody really wants to be stalked it would be a scary experience for anyone.

Does david bowie think he is being stalked by a pink bunny?

Yes, he saw a fan dressed as a giant pink bunny regularly come to his concerts, but he became aware he was being stalked when he boarded a plane and the bunny was there

What actors and actresses appeared in Anna Is Being Stalked - 2002?

The cast of Anna Is Being Stalked - 2002 includes: Patricia Buckley as Anna Hugh Groman as Concerned Shopper Scott Prendergast as The albino

What is the phobia of being stalked called?

your bouts tuh gight raped nigguh.RUN.!!!

Can a vampire stalk you?

yes but when being stalked you can so tell they are not the best stalkers

What should you do if you are being stalked and you are a teenager?

Being stalked is when you see a stranger or even an old boyfriend or someone you know sneaking around; being at the same places you are or standing outside your house. They can also make many phone calls; leave emails; etc. If you even have a hint of being stalked then tell your parents! If you do not let someone know then you may be putting your life in jeopardy. It is better to be safe than sorry.

What does it mean when a boy fallows you in yard and he kisses you?

It depends on how well you know him and how you feel about this. Do you feel like he stalked you? Do you feel like he invaded your space? Do you feel that he was being nice? This tells a lot about what happened. If you feel he invaded your space and was pushy tell a teacher or adult you can trust and talk to them about it. This could be sexual harassment or stalking. To answer your question correctly requires more info.

What if you are being stalked by a gay guy and your are straight?

You sound as if you are not open to a gay relationship; this is okay. You know your own mind best. If you feel threatened then you should consult someone in authority. Your safety is most important.

What does it feel like being famous?

Opinion: It's terrible! You're stalked by fans, paparazzi is EVERYWHERE, and you can't find time for yourself, even for a second, without someone wanting an autograph! It sucks!

What should you do if you're being stalked online?

tell someone dont suffer in the silence

How many people are stalked over MySpace Facebook?

When we we really know EXACTLY? But all kinds of teenagers are being stalked on on theese websites. Even if you set your profile to private , can people hack in

How would you use stalked in a sentence?

He stalked into the room like a hunter after a jungle cat. The Indian stalked the deer quietly.

What city does edward find Bella being stalked by 'creepy guys'?

Port Angela

What should you do if your friend is being stalked?

tell somebody or call the police cause it could get serious.