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How did you feel when you were being stalked?


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May 25, 2010 4:16PM

Especially because I didn't think the guy would do that. I felt helpless, scared, hurt, scared for my family & friends. I was afraid to go to work. Afraid to be anywhere alone. I felt violated.


If its someone whos in love with you, you feel weird but shocked that theyre that obssesed with you.


I have been stalked by many girls in my life. How I felt ranged from girl to girl. The more crazy they were the more scared I got but the more "normal" they were the more flattered I was.


scared, you never know what'll happen next, scared and afraid

ANSWER:You feel as though you may die at any moment,terrified,paranoid etc..and

It's not funny it's the most horrific thing that could happen to a female..I had a serial killer stalking me so much he followed me into a shopping complex ,I hid in one of my friends cleaning stores behind the counter, I had my phone tapped, he knew when my boyfriend left the house,he knew what I was wearing at night, and I had my dark curtains closed,he would follow me when I got off from work.Thank God when the police caught him ,he turned out to be a serial killer of women and throwing them in the trash !Why would any normal person put another human being thru that?