Sonic the Hedgehog

How did your friend become a superhero?


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because he is my friend and he likes sonic

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Become a WikiAnswers Supervisor, then you are a Perfect Superhero.PS. Free Mask, Cape and Bodysuits are available.

Anyone with a mostache is automatically a superhero :)

Go to the Masks and Capes costume shop and get an official Superhero ID from the owner. You do not have to wear a costume.

You climb to the tallest tower, equip a shotgun and jump off. When in mid-air, shoot 2 times and you will fly and become a superhero. Missions will come up on the phone

Absolutely! Ask anyone that has had their life saved by anyone ...

because he WAS real my friend told me No he wasn't he's a cartoon character.

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First you go to the shop called Masks & Capes. They have some costumes, but more importantly, the official Superhero ID Card. (Now you can become a SUPERHERO!) (see related question) After you defeat your 5th villain, go to the ringing phone in the telephone booth and you will get super flying power. Then you can chase Betty Jetty.

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I am not a marvel superhero - I am a WikiAnswers supervisor.

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