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It would be very cost prohibitive project. It would involve completely rewireing your home. i would imagine that it could run 10-30,000 depnding on the home and number of locations to be redone.

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Q: How difficult or costly is it to replace low power light switches connected to remote control relays with conventional switches and wiring?
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How many switches can be connected to a contactor coil control circuit?


Why switches are always connected in phase?

It is becoz phase shud be control by switches, and also pahse contain voltages of any ranges.

Why do my 2 switches not work to my one set of connected hall ceiling lights?

I have trouble understanding your question. But I think you are saying that you have two switches that control one light and want to know why it is not working. More than likely is that you have two way switches instead of 3 way switches installed. 3 three switches cost a little more and are a little more difficult to install but if you recently replaced these switches you may have replaced them with the wrong type.

Can you use a fan control switch as a dimmer switch?

Most fan control switches are designed to work with electronics in the fan. It is highly unlikely that you can use a fan control switch as a dimmer on a conventional light. Would have to know much more detail to comment further.

Why is there a joy stick instead of conventional steering in a fighter aircraft?

Joy stick is more advantageous in air craft cockpit design. It is smaller and has control over ailerons and rudder/elevator for easy maneuvering, besides it is fitted with auto pilot micro switches, emergency jettison switches and armament operating switches in case of war plane.

How does a remote control operate a switch from a distance?

The remote control sends a radio signal to the base unit, and the base unit interprets the signal to switch the connected appliance on or off. Some remote control can operate multiple switches from a distance.

What is two way switch?

Two way switch refers to two switches that both control the same light. Two separate switches that are used in pairs to control the same ceiling fan are two way switches.

How do you test controls switches on gas furnace?

by turning the control switches to the on position and attempting to light the furnace.

How are switches used in electrical circuits to control parallel loads connected?

Switches used in electrical circuits are wired in series with either a parallel or series load. In parallel loads, the switch is upstream from the parallel circuit, so that the switch will shut off all of the parallel circuits.

What is the definition of Electromechanical Control Relays?

Electromechanical control relays are basically switches that are operated by electromagnets. The switches and magnets are integrated into a single package. There are many different contact arrangements on these switches, along with many possible electrical ratings for the magnets

When installing lights with 2-way and intermediate switching control the intermediate switch must be connected to the?

to wire a lamp to be controlled from three places you need two three way switches and one four way switch. the two traveller wires that would normally run between the two three way switches must be connected to the terminals of the four way switch

Which wires do you connect to bypass everything but the throttle to make the motor go on an electric Escooter control box 24 vlt?

Some scooters have switches on the brakes to stop the control when brakes are applied. Check the handle bar switches with a multimeter. Some are made until broken by the brakes and others make a switch when applied. leave open or connected depending on what system you have.

Can switches control each branch in a parallel circuit separately?

Yes, that's exactly what your light switches are doing at home.

Are switches used to control devices in a circuit?

open a cucit

What manages the on and off switches inside the CPU?

control unit

What are the conventional methods of speed control techniques of dc motor?

(1). Field control and (2) armature voltage control.

Why is it difficult to control air pollution?

It is extremely difficult to control air pollution. This is because it is not a confined substance to try to control.

How do you wire a 3 way electrical switch?

You will actually need 2 3-way switches to control something from two locations. The first switch will receive the power, while the other will go directly to the load being controlled. The switch getting power will have the hot lead connected to the common terminal. The other switch will have its common terminal connected to the hot lead going to the load. Two "travellers" will be connected between the other terminals on the switches. They will be connected switch-to-switch. And don't forget that your neutral coming from the power feed will be connected to the load. Also don't forget to connect ground wires.

What is the purpose of switches?

the switch is to control the light if this is turn on or turn off

Does The control unit of the CPU manage the switches outside the CPU?


Advantage of multiple control remote switch?

If you have two switches connected to a light in a room.example your bed room and you are in your bed you wont have to get out of your bed to switch off the light but u can switch it off by pulling a switch over your head.

Difference in conventional and cnc machining?

conventional machining is that in which the control of removal of material is either by automatic machines or by man handled.while cnc machinig is that in which control of machining process is done by computes or through programming.

Can you install a remote control to control two wall switches and a ceiling fan and a table lamp?

Yes. the two switches are called '3-way' switches. You will have to turn the fan/light on with one of the switches and leave BOTH switches in that position. The remote control unit will have to be wired in between the switch that is supplying power to the devices and the devices. This is the simplest way. You could also disable one of the switches and replace the remaining switch with the RC unit. If you are not sure how to deal with 3-way switches, learn about them first, or call a good electrician to do all of the work. Remeber that the black wire is hot, but only if the house was wired properly in the first place.

What is a remote control dog?

a dog that has a remote control cable connected to it

Can dimmer switches be used with 3 way switches?

Yes. Instead of sending the hot wire straight from one of the three way switches to the light, put a dimmer switch on the hot wire to control the light.