How difficult to remove and reconnect fly bridge on a 40 ft silverton aft boat?

i did it w/o help, until it was ready to move onto the bow. Put 2x4's in position like rails from the cabin roof to the bow. Slide the bridge off and onto the rails, to the bow. Tie off the bridge before you move it and pay out line to control it. Used thick carpet to cushion the bridge when on the bow.

Take pictures of the wires under the bridge, so you can put them back. Have wire in same colors on hand for replacement. Cut ties which hold harnessed wires, then pull harness apart. Cut other wires toward middle of length and use connectors crimped onto them for future assembly.

Remove power steering lines and cap off to stop hydrolic fluid leaks.

Remove screws which hold bridge in place on cabin deck. Be prepared to use calk into screw holes so fresh water rain doesn't get in.

Remove seats and stanchions and rails from bridge to reduce height below max limit.

You can use machinery like a lift, to assist you.

Talk to the workers at your marina for ideas. Try you tube video help.