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How digital marketing can transform your business?


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November 27, 2017 5:05AM

The increasing influence of internet technology has phenomenally changed the modern business world. Marketing techniques that were hitherto crucial are becoming obsolete and being replaced by more innovative tools. The rise of internet technology has also spawned social media which has become one of the most influential digital marketing avenues.

Digital Marketing in Detail

Any use of digital media to promote your business online is referred to as digital marketing. Digital media encompasses multiple tools including websites, video, social media, mobile devices, and billboards among others. All these tools are geared towards better ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs). The idea is to boost your ranking on SERPs for targeted keywords using these digital techniques.

With search engine optimization (SEO) gaining more prominence in online marketing, these digital marketing tools come in handy. When working with an advertising agency, you will start with a web audit to review what needs to be done to improve your ranking and increase your brand's visibility.

Digital Marketing Numbers

As a modern day marketer, you need to get more insight in digital marketing techniques in order to harness the power of these new tools in your business. To appreciate how influential digital marketing has become, consider this; Video will account for 80% of all internet traffic by 2019 according to Cisco.

What's more, Aberdeen says use of email marketing boosts click through by 10%. It gets better; PwC says social media reviews influence the shopping behavior of over 67% of consumers. These numbers highlight the importance of digital marketing for your business today.

Why Focus on Digital Marketing?

It is not only easier to launch a digital marketing campaign but also more affordable. For instance, social media marketing is cheap yet the results are very impactful. What's more, it is easier to quantify the impact of digital media. Most of the tools used aid in better engagement with target audiences which enhances customer experience. Digital media is redefining the future of business marketing.

How to Leverage Digital Media

To get it right in digital marketing, make sure your website represents your brand. It is crucial to communicate effectively with your target audience and work towards boosting visibility. Make sure you are regularly updating, marketing and investing in SEO for higher ranking on SERPs.