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How do Gmail know you are youge?


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If you are younger than 13, you are not allowed to join it. Gmail users have to greater than 13 years old. You can study about it however when you're young.

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If Gmail has blocked, you will know. It wills how a message that Gmail has blocked you. Otherwise if you're not able to open means you are hacked.

Paul Buchheit is the one who created/developed the product we now know as Gmail.

You cannot know this because of security reasons. The servers are all at the Gmail office. They do not disclose the location because of theft reasons.

You can know that someone is chatting on Gmail by status. If the status is busy, that means that they are chatting. If it is available that means they can chat.

You can send chat request to your friends on GMail if you know their email address.

There is no such option to view that. Privacy is Gmail does not provide that. You cannot look who filtered you and when.

Gmail account has only one link to it. It cannot be linked to other profiles. A Gmail account is individual on it's own.

On Gmail, I know you can make one or use the themes they have to offer. Gmail is very good.

GMail is an e-mail service provider and not a social networking site. You cannot search for people using GMail. You can communicate with someone on GMail only if you already know their e-mail address.

Get a gmail account. They are really good at that. If you already have a gmail account, then I'm sorry, I don't know how to help you. In gmail, spam goes to spam, it does not get automatically deleted.

You cannot know other's Gmail ID and passwords. This is the private property of the individual. The mail might contain information about the person.

No. Google has stated that Gmail will stay a free service so long as its around. However, they said they may make a Beta, better version of Gmail and charge for it, however Gmail as we know it, will stay free.

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You cannot know that the person is online or not. If the person has blocked you on Gmail. The status cannot be seen if the person has blocked you.

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I would like to open an business account in gmail. Do you know how to open a business account and how I will be able to contact them?

You cannot guess or know the gmail account name by a person's name. It is not legal as well as unethical. If you know the person personally, then only you must mail them.

No, you cannot know any person's Gmail password. It is because it is a private property of the person. The person should be aware that it is not public key i.e. the password.

Hotmail or gmail. i dont know. hotmail is old and gmail is pretty new. to register for gmail you have to be 13 or above, but for hotmail you can register even if you are ten. to contact me please email me at

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