How do Hinduism people practice there beliefs?

Hinduism is not like any other Religion.
It has no founder nor basic tenets. so it is the most free Religion on earth.
There are no fundamental Hindus because there are no fundamental principles to believe.
You can live as non-believer also in Hindu Religion. It is not a sin.

People practise religion in many ways.
PRARTHANA ( Prayer ) ARAADHANA ( Worship) JAPA ( Chanting) DHYANA ( Meditation) ADHYANA ( Learn /Read holy texts) area few Practices.

Japa ( Chanting/reciting holy names of Almighty - like hare Krishna) Dhyana ( Meditating - hundreds of ways to do this right from remembering the Sacred Syllable AUM ..viewing the light/lit lamp, view bruhmadhyam ( centre of forehead), focusing on ISHTADEVTA ( favourite Idol) Image, Kundalini Dhyana, Rajayoga dhyana, TM, an so on so forth) Living observing YAMA / NIYAMAS are also worshipping, Go to Temple and holy places and worship, Do achaaras, ADHYAYANA ( Learn) is another way. some people observe VRATAs (Fasting) others follow strictly YOGA & PRANAYAMA Practises. There are thousand practices to follow. There are no established hierarchical control like church in Hindu society. So you are a free bird to find your path.