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you cant

A: Of course you can, I find a tutorial on how to insert image to PDF, this article shows you can use a pdf creator named simpo to do this. you can search this application through Google. It is really helpful if you need to insert an image or many images into a PDF file.

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Q: How do I Insert a image into the pdf document?
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Can you get a PDF document to display the actual cover of the document?

You can insert PDF document in any page from Insert > Object.

Insert a pdf file into word 2007?

insert the pdf file after converting pdf document to word

How do you insert an image in adobe acrobat professional?

Method 1:You can use the "Stamp" tool in "Tools -> Commenting -> Stamp Tool" to insert an image in a document.Method 2 (Better one):Tools -> Advanced Editing -> Touch Up Object Tool -> select (check mark)Right Click on the document -> Place Image -> OpenThat's it!Method 3 For people who don't have Adobe acrobatYou can use a PDF Editor to insert image at any desired place and edit size or even add text to the image if necessary.Edit> Insert imageOr add a PDF image at any intended location of the PDF file.Document> Insert document

How do you insert a PDF file into an excel sheet?

You want to insert an OBJECT (select from file), then select PDF from the choices of what to insert. That is: Insert>>Object>>Select "Adobe Acrobat Document">> OK If you wanna convert PDF to Excel, then you'd better use enolsoft PDF to Excel with OCR converter.

How does one convert jpg to pdf for pictures?

You wouldn't convert a .jpg file to .pdf, you simply need to embed the .jpg file in the .pdf document you are creating. Simply import the .jpg image and position it on the page where you like it. When you save your .pdf document, the image will be saved along with it.

What are the steps for inserting an image in notepad?

You can not insert an image in Notepad as it is a plain-text editor. If you would like to insert an image into a document, use Wordpad (the button is at Insert --> Image in Windows 7)

How do you insert a logo in HTML-document?

You will have to save it as an image, then upload it to an FTP software. From there, you code the image path in: <img src="INSERT IMAGE PATH HERE" />

Insert image into pdf?

1) Create a button in your PDF document where you want the image to be. (Tools/Advanced Editing/button) 2) Convert your image into a PDF. 3) Right-click on your button area (in Form Editing mode) and go to Options. 4) Change Layout to Icon only. 5) Choose your image.pdf by clicking on Choose Icon. 6) When you click that properties window closed, your image will be placed where your button is. You can change the size of the image by using the resize arrows.

How do you insert typing a PDF question paper?

There are different softwares which enable you to write and edit a PDF document. One of the leading softwares to deal with such case is Adobe PDF Writer.

How does one go about merging PDF files?

Merging 2 PDF files can be done by adding all the pages from a PDF to current document. Alternatively, one can also merge 2 PDF files by using the GUI or Graphical User Interface to insert or re-order pages in PDF document.

Convert JPEG image to word?

To put a jpeg into a word document you need to open a new word document or the document that you would like your jpeg to be placed on. Then go to insert> picture> from file> then choose file and insert. You can edit your image (ie, change the size or layout) by double clicking on the image.

How do you Import picture to pdf?

1. Open a pdf document in Acrobat reader 2. Select : Tools - Select & Zoom - Snapshot tool 3. Make a snapshot of the entire page or part of the document, resize the blue area as you want 4. Download Paint.NET (freeware) and install it 5. Open Paint.NET and click paste to paste the snapshotted pdf file which is now treated as an image 6. Find the desired picture you want to insert it the pdf file , right-click it and copy it 7. go to Paint.NET opened pdf (image) and click paste, than move the picture across the pdf and place it where you want 8. save the picture as .PNG or .TFF and use online image to pdf converter

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