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Go to a hardware store or home center and buy a product like Goof Off. That's what I use. It removes paint, glue, ink, and so on. A similar product is Goo Gone, and there is also (Mr Clean?) Magic Eraser. It costs about $3.

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How do you get permanent marker off of linoleum?

spray wd40 on the floor and rub the marker stain out

How does rubbing alcohol remove permanent marker?

Permanent marker is soluble in rubbing alcohol which is polar.

Why did dial remove permanent marker from clothes?

Dial remove permanent marker because it could remove things that would come off a little bit

How do you remove permanent marker from a mailbox?

Alcohol works fine anytime I want to remove permanent marker-- poke your finger into a rag and wet with alcohol and begin rubbing the marker ink.

Does water remove permanent marker?

No. Try writing over the permanent marker with an expo one and wipe it away.

How does water help remove permanent marker?

It doesn't. Permanent marker doesn't dissolve in water. Help me with my chemistry question :/

What removes permanent marker?

Use alchohol to remove it.

How do you remove permanent marker with peanut butter?

you dont.

Why does hairspray remove permanent marker?

It depends on the material.

How do you remove permanent marker from a stuff animal?

wash it

How can I remove permanent marker on a chalkboard?

One way to get permanent marker stains out of an item is by soaking a wash cloth with rubbing alcohol and using the wash cloth to scrub out the permanent marker stains.

How do you get black permanent marker off a doll?

It may be possible to remove most of the trace of permanent marker by tracing over the mark on the doll with a dry-erase marker. The dry erase marker will help erase the permanent marker. The same can be used on dry erase boards that have been marked on with permanent marker.

How do you remove permanent marker off of tile?

bleach or hard scrubbing um, try this, put dry erase marker on top of the permanent marker and erase it with a tissue

How do you remove permanent marker out of suede fabric?

Try hairspray

Does hairspray remove permanent marker?

Yes BUT it depends on the material

What can remove permanent marker from plastic?

toothpaste or rubbing acohol

How can one remove permanent marker from jeans?

There are a number of ways to remove a permanent marker stain on jeans. These include using hairspray, rubbing alcohol, milk, and nail polish remover.

Why can vinegar remove permanent markers?

because the distilled white vinegar is strong so there for it has the power to remove permanent marker!

How do you remove permanent black marker off of gold?

I would try fingernail polish remover. That will take permanent marker off of almost anything.

How do you remove permanent marker from brick?

I used nail polish remover with acetone in it and it removed the lighter sharpie marker colors. It also removes the permanent marker because it has old toenails in its mixture.

How do you remove permanent marker from microfiber?

Scrub dry over and over.

Will wateralcoholvinegar or detergent solution will remove permanent marker ink?

yes it can

What can be use to remove permanent marker ink?

sharpy removing spray

How do you remove a black permanent marker stain from carpet?


How do you remove permanent marker from polycarbonate?

Depends on the base liquid of the marker. You would have to use a solvent of it that will not mar the polycarbonate.

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