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You could start doing chores around the house, being nice to her and your parents, showing more responsiblity, talk to her about why you may deserve a better phone and resolve a point where maybe the two of you can meet in the middle. Could you offer to do chores and get an allowance and maybe you could pay for half of the phone.

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be very responsible you can also tell her you'll use it for "emergencies only" :-D

try explaining to her why you want a cell phone! Work out how much it will cost to buy and the call costs. Let her know how useful it will be to keep in touch with you when you are out of the home.

Explain to them that it will help you increase your responsibity and also help increase your communications skills.

You must succeed in the things your parents are telling you about and also try not to say each second for your parents i need a cellphone .

Tell her that if there is an emergency and you have no way to call anyone then there could be a problem on your hands just because you had nothing to call 911 or anyone with.

Get an iTouch, or convince your parents to let you have a phone.

you let it thaw out... :-)

i tell her to buy it .if she does not buy it i annoy her until she buys it.

you put the memory card in your phone and let it do its job.

It depends on what you want to do with the holder. A universal cell phone holder will let you answer the phone quickly.

It really depends on the cell phone company you have some don't let you change and some do. I would advise you to contact your local cell phone company.

You need to show your parents how you act around a cell phone. Example, you can use your friends cell phone to "pretend" to call or text someone in front of your parents. Then, you can tell your friend that has the phone, to pretend to almost drop it, and tell them to say, "no biggy, it's just a phone." Then you will jump in and say, "that is not how to treat a phone. You need to treat it with care." Then, your parents will realize how responsible you are to care for a cell phone. Need more advice? Just ask me any question. To let you know that it is me, i will sign my name, "askCCKnow123". =D Please just ask me. Thanks.=D

The Pin Code on a phone is the phone GOD that doesn't let your significant other get into your phone unwanted

Make a good point! Such as " If i go out somewhere and something happens how will I contact you?" Let them know with a cell phone you can contact them easily when there's an accident or something goes wrong. Or you can make a deal with them, tell them you'll get good grades if you get a cell phone.Show them pictures of the phone and tell them what it has.

Let yourself become unreachable. At that point, they'll realize that can't contact you and they'll get you a phone. You'll have to do this often, so it becomes an annoyance to them and they will themselves wish you had a phone so they could call you.

If he don't let you see it he is probably hiding something. What else could be so important? He probably has a girls number that you don't know about it there and he is trying to keep it a secret. Answer this. When he talks on the phone does he whisper or leave the room. My opion is to take it while he is sleeping. Then you can see for yourself.♥Mashay♥

A cell phone is a device that can let you call people or text through radio waves. And most now have apps, games, etc.

It's his phone, but if he used to let you regularly have his cellphone and has suddenly stopped doing that, it seems suspicious.

if you don't have a phone then say that if your not going to get a phone soon might as well let me get on cause I'm going to keep on begging you for one. that's what i did.

Call your phone and let it ring or go to your voicemail. when it asks you to leave a message press star(*), then put in your password and press pound. *This can be done from anyone's phone or cell phone*

It sounds like he has something he is hiding.

Yes, if his parents let him/her.

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