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You can find more information on car donation programs

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2010-02-25 22:31:34
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Q: How do I donate my truck to an organization that needs it?
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Where can I make truck donations to?

You can donate a truck to the following organization:

What charities can I donate a used truck to?

A great place to donate a used truck is They will handle your truck donation from start to finish and allow you to donate your truck to the charity of your choice.

Can I receive a tax deduction if I donate my truck?

Yes, you may receive up to $500 tax deduction if you donate your truck.

If i donate a disaster releif , what percentage of the money will actaully be used for relief?

It depends on who you donate it too. If you go on the website of the organization that you donate it to ; they will tell you or you could speak to a advisor for that organization.

Which is correct - organizations needs or organization's needs?

The needs of an organization are an organization's needs.The needs of organizations are organizations' needs.

Will I receive a tax rebate if I donate my old truck?

If you donate your truck to a goodwill store, then yes, you will receive a receipt good for money off your taxes.

Is the United Armed Forces Association a legitimate organization to donate to?

I this organization (UAFA) legitimate.

What are the best child charities to donate to that are legit?

There are many legit places to donate to including St. Judes. I know one place, it includes Marsha Organization, which helps kids go to college and teaches special needs kids.

Where can someone donate classic Ford truck parts?

There are a couple of websites on the internet that you can donate classic Ford truck parts to. One of the websites that is on the internet is called Classic Trucks.

What significant contribution can you make to our organization?

Help out the organization when needed, donate money time to time.

Where can one donate hats for cancer patients?

Halos of Hope is an organization that distributes hats and caps to chemotherapy patients. One can donate their hats to this organization to help cancer patients.

How to donate to World Health Organization?

I’m trying to don

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