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Yellow Pages, its the best thing.

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How do you remove a watermark from a fabric sofa?

A professional carpet/furniture cleaner may be able to help you.

Is there a sofa cleaner that can remove wine stains?

Yes, try Resolve sofa cleaner. They used to just make rug cleaner, but they have expanded in the last few years. When it's clean, use ScotchGuard to protect against new stains.

Will sofa cleaner remove jello stains?

Yes! there is a product that is a sofa cleaner that has been proven to remove jello stains. Its called Scotchgaurd:

What is the best way to care for leather sofa recliners?

If you have a leather sofa recliner, then regular cleaning is not necessary. You will want to spot clean it as needed and only with a leather cleaner.

Who was the inventor of the sofa?

I dont think its possible to find the person who invented the sofa.

After professional upholstery cleaning, when is furniture ready to be used?

My inlaws are planning to visit and my sofa and recliner are in need of a good cleaning. How long does it take after upholstery cleaning by a professional for my sofa and recliner to be dry enough to sit on?

Where can one find a good retro sofa?

One can find a good retro sofa at their local department store. Walmart and Target are great examples of where one would find a good retro sofa for the family or themselves.

Can I use furniture polish to clean my leather sofa?

No you need specific leather cleaner, otherwise it can damage the leather.

How do you find WINFLDF.DLL to remove it?

Download The Cleaner 4.1 Professional here: and it should sniff out all trojans and quarantine them. After that you need to go into the quarantine and delete them.

How can I find about more about sofa tables?

You can find out more about sofa tables by going to furniture stores such as The Brick and Ikea. If you talk to a salesperson there and look at the products, you will find out more information.

What can one find some interesting sofa designs?

One can find interesting sofa designs from many places. HubPages, Bored Panda, Toxel, Teraom, and Freshome provide many interest sofa designs and sofas.

Where can I find sofa covers in Dallas, Texas on a budget?

The best place to find sofa covers on a budget is at Walmart, Target and Kohls. You might also be able to find them at Big Lots.

How do you get dry semen stain out of a couch?

Go to a store and get a cleaner for upholstery and fabric. Follow the directions on the can.

Is there a sofa cleaner that is pet friendly?

There are a variety of Eco friendly cleaning products available on the market that are safe for both animals and the environment.

In legend of Zelda twilight princess when your with midna where do you find the sword on the sofa?

To find "the sword on the sofa," you go to Rusl's house and over to the right (left on Gamecube), there's some dark dirt. You dig into the house, and the precious sofa sword will be in there.

Why is a sofa called a sofa?

because its a sofa is stuffed with sofa

What is the professional name for a cleaner?

A person who cleans as a job is a cleaner. There is nothing wrong in that, as it is a job (task) that is important in maintaining a 'clean' environment, and also provides the cleaner with a wage.

How do you get shoe polish of leather sofa?

There are very few methods that work for removing shoe polish from a leather sofa. A person may try a dye transfer or have the section of leather replaced by a professional.

Where can one find a used sofa suit?

"You can find a used sofa suit on amazon, ebay or even craigslist. These three sites are affordable and easily obtainable. I hope this answer your question."

Is professional carpet cleaning the only way to remove pet stains?

My rugs are filthy from my mother in law's dogs. Will it be sufficient to rent a carpet cleaner from the grocery store or should I hire a professional cleaner?

Do sofa covers protect leather sofas?

Yes they protect any kinds of sofas, hence the name sofa covers. You may want to find a durable sofa cover so it can really protect your sofas. You can find the covers at your local furnitire store.

Where can one find sofa beds for sale in the UK?

One can find sofa beds for sale in the UK at IKea, SofaSofa, Target, Argo, and Sofa Beds World, to name a few. Each of these stores offer a wide variety of style and color to the consumer.

Can ltt be used on vinyl?

ltt is a leather cleaner and conditioner.want to know if i could use it on a sofa that has vinyl on the sides and back.(leather match)

How can I find a sofa sleeper?

You can easily find a sofa sleeper from such sites as Amazon. However, if you want to purchase one from a brand name seller, I recommend La-Z Boy. They have a wide range of colors and sizes of sofa sleepers that are extremely comfortable for anyone who uses them.

What are the benefits of hiring a professional upholstery cleaner?

It probably took you a while to find the perfect furniture, with all that furniture store hopping, so of course, you were going to take care of them. If a crumb fell onto a cushion, you made sure to pick it up right away โ€“ afraid that ants or insects might ruin your dear sofa. However, over time, you most likely stopped caring so much. Sure, you still clean up the crumbs and spills, but you arenโ€™t nearly as concerned with the way your furniture looks over time. When at first you never even let the dog join you on the sofa as you watched TV, now he spends most of the day there. You have just accepted that, as it ages, your furniture is looking a little dull and dingy.