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Call your agent and have him send you a claim form, or call the home office at 1.800.325.4368 and ask for one to be sent.

After you get it, complete it and fax it to 1.800.888.9325 or mail it to:

Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company
P.O. Box 100195
Columbia, SC 29202-3195

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You surrendered a whole life insurance policy Do you have to claim this money on your income tax?

If you surrender a whole life insurance policy, you may have to claim the money on your income tax. The IRS states the amount you receive that is above the amount paid for premiums is considered taxable.

If you take cash value from a whole life policy do you have to claim the money as income?

If you take a loan against the policy, the amount you receive is not considered taxable. However, if you later surrender (cash-in) the policy, the amount you received in the loan and in the surrender will then be considered taxable income.

Is there a statute of limitations on a hospital income hospital claim at StateFarm Insurance?

According to State Farm's website, there is no statute of limitations on hospital claims. In most cases, State Farm pays any hospital claims that are due at the time of the accident.

Is a claim payout from a life insurance coverage taxed as a regular income?

If you are the beneficiary of a life insurance payout, the income is not taxable. If you withdraw from a policy that you have on yourself, then yes, it is taxable as regular income.

Can you claim Earned Income Credit on unemployment?

No, you are not entitled to claim the earned income credit on unemployment. You must have earned income. Unemploymnet is considered unearned income

Do you have to claim your income tax return as income on unemployment?


Can you claim for kidney loss at momentum policy?

an i claim for kidney loss at momentum life policy

Claims made policy?

"Claims Made Policy" - The Insured is indemnified in case a claim arises during the policy period, no matter when a claim may arise, the Policy pays the insured for the Claim, provided the policy is active since its retroactive date(inception date).

Can you claim your Hospital insurance premiums as a deducton on your income tax if your payroll says it is nontaxable wages?

If the premiums are nontaxable income to you then you would NOT be allowed to take a deduction for the amount of the premiums that your employer has paid for your medical insurance premium's.

Can you claim unemployment income as earned income on a new unemployment claim?

No. As you stated, "as earned income?", it does not qualify as such. Only bonafide wages actually earned is required.

After a claim can you still use your insurance policy?

An insurance policy should still remain valid for the remaining term following a claim providing that the claim is such that it does not require the insurer to cancel the policy. You should check with your insurer.

Can you claim your wife if she has no income?


How do i claim housekeeping income?

Yes,You Can!

Do you have to claim child support as income?


What if your son is 17 and working can you still claim him and his income on your 2009 income tax?

Yes as long he and you meet the qualifications for you claim him as your qualifying child dependent on your income tax return. He would have to file his own income tax return reporting his own income and he would not be able to claim himself for exemption amount on his own income tax return.

Who can bring a claim on a real estate title policy?

The owner of the policy.

Do you claim temporary workmen's comp benefits as income?

You may have to claim it, but it is nontaxable.

How old does the child have to be to claim on income tax?

You can claim the child for the year in which it is born.

What happens when someone refuses to sign the claim on a life insurance policy?

If they refuse to sign the application for a claim, they will not be paid the proceeds of the policy.

Can you claim scrubs on your income taxes?

Yes, if you are required to purchase uniforms to wear for your job, such as scrubs, there is a deduction you can claim on your income tax forms.

What if you forgot to claim one of my income on my income tax?

I forgot to claim one of my income when I filed my 2006 income taxes. It is now 2008 and the IRS is slapping me with an interest and penalty charges. Can I file the missed income/W-2 on my next years (2009) income tax?

Can you sue your own insurance if a hit and run driver leaves and you go to the hospital?

if you submit a claim through what they consider proper procedure, assuming you have coverage according to your policy, and they deny your claim, then yes. you can sue for actual damages. depends on tort vs limited tort in your policy if you can sue for pain and suffering. they should pay for it as long as your policy covers hit and run and you don't have a cap.

I had a house fire last year and my insurance company dropped me after the claim Can my girlfriend purchase a homeowners insurance policy and claim that she has never had a canceled policy?

She can buy a new policy all day long and claim she had never had a policy cancel if: 1. She is the only person on the deed to the house. 2. She never had a policy cancel.

Do you have to claim income from renting out a home?


What is early death claim in life insurance?

when a policy holder dies within the two years of policy it is considered as a early death claim