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You can get your toddler to eat a variety of foods by offering tasty nutritious food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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Q: How do I get my toddler to eat a variety of foods?
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Toddlers are often very finicky eaters. While it is preferred by pediatricians and experts that toddlers eat a variety of well balanced meals, the toddler often refuses to eat many foods that are offered. As long as your toddler is eating when they are hungry, growing normally and do not show any signs of malnourishment or illness, they are probably fine where their health is concerned. The rule of thumb for a serving size for toddlers is one tablespoon per year of age. Toddlers should be offered foods from each of the food groups daily. These include grains, vegetables, fruits, milk or dairy foods and meat or protein. Fats and sweets should be given sparingly. Many toddlers have favorite foods that they eat more readily than other foods. It is fine to offer that food as long as other foods are offered as well. Getting a toddler to eat a new food may take some time. Experts recommend continuing to offer the new food even if your toddler is reluctant to try it. Forcing a food on a toddler isn't a good way to get them to eat. Try eating the food and then offering it to them after they see you eating it. Offer something new with something that they already like. Some people recommend using "fun foods" such as pancakes with faces made of fruit or hamburgers with ketchup smiley faces. When you find something that works with your toddler, use that method to offer new foods. What works once will likely work again.

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