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How do I get ready for my first kiss?


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Well, you could:

  • Rub in some petroleum jelly, to make your lips softer (and, if you are a girl, maybe put on some lipgloss) (if you are a boy, then make sure you have thoroughly rubbed off the petroleum jelly when your lips are soft enough)
  • DO NOT eat garlic/onion beforehand- have a mint
  • Make yourself relaxed, so your lips won't be firm when kissing

hey other person here

plus if you are a girl then either

wear something tight on the bottom and baggy on top

or baggy on the bottom and tight on top

i have tried both really awesome

(oh and then i say baggy on the bottom dont go wearing track bottoms andstuff i mean like loose jeans but not too loose you need to get it just right!)

(so then just go with skinny jeans and a nice half sleeved top with stripes and then a plain jumper!)