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Social work requierse an avarage of 2-4 years post high school education. Many colleges offer classes in the field of social work.

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Q: How do I go about getting a social work job?
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Where can I go to take social work lessons?

You can find social work lessons in colleges or at teaching communities. Sociology is an example of these kinds of work. Good luck and hope you find a job!

Is a social worker job a good field to go into?

Social worke is good job for sabhi.

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Do i have to pay back social security if i go back to work?

Do i have to pay back social security if i go back to work?Answer this question…

How does one know if a job serves a greater good?

If you would like a service job you should go to the local Red Cross, or hospital. You could also try getting a job as a social worker or a company that offers help to others.

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What training do I need to get to work in social work?

You need to talk with everybody or your family to train in social work. You can go NHS center for more informations about social work. Good luck with your social network.

What kind of education is needed for social worker work?

In order to become a social worker, you will need to go to college so a high school education and degree is needed. You will be able to get a job with a psychology or sociology degree, but most entry level jobs requires a bachelor's in social work and a master's is required for clinical work.

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