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You must first remove your current sound card, and depending on what type of laptop you have will determine where it is located, than insert the new sound card usually with the upper label facing up. From there you just install the necessary software provided with the sound card.

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No you cannot install a new graphics card into a laptop, however if you have a very thick laptop it's very risky but it can be done. A normal laptop however cannot, consider buying a new laptop.

If you have some basic PC knowledge installing a sound card should be a very simple task.

It could be any of these reasons:Your sound card is not working properlyYou have no sound cardYou need to install drivers for your sound card.You need new speakersYour connection jack on your sound card has been disconnected or damaged

It depends on the computer model, it would require you to disassemble the laptop swap video cards then reassemble the laptop and this would be likely damage the computer. I too have looked into this.

Of course, as long as the new motherboard supports it.

install new sound card drivers and/or buy speakers if you don't have built in.

Nope, Laptops cannot be fiddled around with like PC's. Your gonna have to buy a new one bud :( dun worry I'm disappointed /: Your only choice is to e-mail the manufacturer to see if you can actually install a graphics card. >.<

Because you need to install a driver for the internal sound car. Check the motherboard manufacture website for new drivers. If I don't know what card I have, or where it's located, how do I know which driver to install?

the sound card has a defect. or maybe you rebooted your computer improperly... , maybe the sound card is not compatible to your computer...

If your computer has a sound card there is no need to purchase a new one.

There are two major problems could happen. The first one is the easiest, update the sound card driver. The second one is more complex, it's a hardware problem which might cost a new sound card. The second reason is really rear unless you were experimenting with card. Thus, try the first one. Check the sound card manufacture website for new drivers which are compatible with your sound card. Download it and install. If it was problem with the driver it should be fixed after the update.

nothing, just plug it in. You might need to install some drivers for advanced features, but if there aren't any, then you're good to go

You can simply install a new screen on the laptop yourself. It is easy, just take your time and remember what screws go where. The HP website has resources to assist with component replacements for most models of laptop.

you should charge your laptop fully and wait and customize your settings. install some virus blockers and those stuff get used to your laptop and you set.

If there is free wi-fi and your laptop has an internal wi-fi card, then no. If you're connecting to a wireless hotspot provider such as T-Mobile, Sprint, or AT&T, then you will need the card from that company.

No, just authorize the new laptop. Install iTunes before you plug in, also sign in your email then plug in and follow the prompts

You don't plug in a driver, you install it. Assuming you have installed the hardware correctly, the driver for your sound card shoud have been provided to you in a CD when you bought the sound card. Typically windows will pick up the new hardware and automatically installe the driver. if not look 'em online.

Simply install a new video card. The Intel chipset your talking about will figure out an external card was installed. It's that simple.

You must buy a new video card and follow the instructions as to how to install it.

Yup! So long as the laptop can physically accommodate the card and you've got the drivers for the card and your operating system, the laptop should have no problem with it. You might not get optimal speed/performance by mixing old and new, but it should certainly work. Keep in mind, though, that just because the card works with your laptop is no guarantee that it will talk to your wireless router/access point...