Emancipation and Ages for Moving Out

How do I legally get out of my parents house and live with a friend's family?


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You either have parental consent to move, is emancipated by the court (if your state have that option), emancipated through marriage or is emancipated by turning 18.

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not legally i guess because it would be considered running away if your parents did not give you consent and your parents can have you escorted back to your parents house by police

You have to be 18 to legally move out of your parents house. However, your parents can sign a form that says that you can leave legally.

You can legally leave your parents house at 16.

you can move out at 17 but they are still legally responsible of you

No, but if you live in their house and you are 18, they can legally kick you out.

Moving out of a parents house at the age of 16 legally, depends on where the person resides. In most states, a child cannot legally move out of a parents home because they are not of the states age of majority. A child can move out at 16 if they are legally emancipated by the courts.

Legally your parents can keep you in the house until you are 21, but if your parents sign a special paper you can move out when you are 18

With parental consent or by emancipation.

Once someone turns 18, they are legally an adult, and can legally be kicked from their parents home.

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You can, but only if you are at the emancipation age required by your particular state.

If you live in the US... Not unless your parents agree to allow it. And even then, there would be a multitude of issues that they would have to deal with, starting with giving this friends' parents some type of legal custody/ guardianship of you. Most places in the world your parents have to agree to it, and some sort of custody or legal guardianship is a good idea to avoid future legal issues. If your legally emancipated then if your friends parents say ok then it's fine, but you have to be LEGALLY emancipated, not about to be or filing for it.

16 with parents permission, 18 without permission.

No. Your parents are legally responsible for you.

18. However, if there is abuse going on you can be legally removed from the parents at a younger age and it would be a matter handled in family court and through social services.

Legally, your parents cannot kick you out of the house if you are under 18, no matter what state you live in, whether you are gay or straight. But it happens all the time anyway.

Well, You should discuss this with your parents but once you turn the age of 16 you dont get presents from santa jsut your parents and family and friends!

In Minnesota, you cannot legally move out of your parents house until you are 18. The exception would be if the parents gave consent.

You are considered an adult at 18 in Texas.

Yes, legally at 16 if you can support yourself.

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