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To mount a Magellan GPS you have to simply place the cup onto the window and press down firmly. This will allow the air in it to escape and suction onto the window. It is very simple to do.


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A bean bag mount is not the preferred way to mount your GPS in your car. Look instead for a more standardized adjustable mount, with several points of articulation.

The best way to charge a Magellan GPS unit is with the Vehicle Power Adapter in a car. It will take approximately four to six hours to fully charge the battery.

A motorcycle GPS unit will mount to your bike just as easy, if not easier, than a car model will. For more information on this subject please refer to the link provided

The GPS navman does not come with a car mount. But a car mount can be bought at almost any electronics store.

It depends on the model of the GPS unit and the model of the car. You should be able to get a portable GPS unit to add to the car yourself for about $200, or you can have your car dealer add the unit.

Garmin-Nuvi 225w GPS, Magellan Maestro 4350 In Car GPS Unit, Garmin Nuvi 360, Tom-tom-GO 720 Portable GPS and Uniden GPS 352-In Car GPS. They are very good GPS systems for your new driver at your house from getting lost.

Magellan is just the name of a company that makes brands of GPS systems. They make car, handheld, and mobile GPS navigation systems and they are used the same way as any other brand of GPS systems.

Unfortunately, there are so many GPS units that the BEST way is to contact the manufacturer of the GPS unit. The best way is to email them. If you cannot find a solution this way, the best alternative that I have seen is a Universal GPS Dashboard Bean Bag Car Mount from The GPS unit just sits in the bean bag which has a slip resistant base.

You can learn about the best GPS handlebar mount on the following site: They are definitley useful.

I Believe it is, It offers a sleeker Design and interface. It is affordable and accurate, in addition Magellan has partnered with AAA for great travel information and roadside assistance!

You can purchase a GPS car dash mount from Best Buy, eBay, Amazon, Walmart, Target, and you might even be able to get a GPS device installed in your vehicle.

A car magellan gps system costs about $300-400. A hand held can range from $400-500. a car kit for one's iphone costs $100. It just all depends on what your looking for.

If you need a mount to mount your Garmin GPS to your car, try a nuvi mount or friction mount. For more information, be sure to browse to or even

You should be able to buy a magellan roadmate gps at any car appliance store such as CarToys, an electronics store such as Radio Shack, or online at websites like Amazon.

unclip it from the windshield mount

Yes, Hertz rental cars can come with Magellan GPS. However, usually an extra fee is required. It is probably worth it to get one when driving in unfamiliar areas as the GPS is beneficial to get around in your rental car.

Magellan offers a variety of different components for their GPS navigation systems. You can purchase adapters, mounts and cases. The following is a link to Magellan website where you purchase accessories,

Any GPS unit will get its data from the same source (U.S. satellites), so they are very similar.

Portable GPS units work anywhere, in any car or handheld. A factory installed GPS unit generally cannot be moved to another car.

You should receive a car charging unite along with your Magellan GPS. You may also be lucky enough to get a carrying case, and possibly even screen protectors to protect your screen.

Several companies make an in-dash GPS device for your car. A few of these companies are Garmin, Magellan, and Sony. Several car manufactures, like Ford, also install these in-dash from the factory.

The garmin friction mount combines a non-slip bottom mat with a weight-filled "bag" that causes the mount to stay put in place on the dashboard. The mount works just as well as suction cup mounts in helping a GPS unit stay in place but offers a more easily accessible way to remove the GPS unit from your car when desired.

The price of a car mount would depend on what type of mount one is looking to install. The phone and GPS car mounts range from 20 dollars to 50 dollars.

For your car, it is a navigation system.. magellan is a good brand to go with and very popular by choice.. i would reccommend this brand to anyone, and also check out garmins.

Yes, GPS locators are capable of being used in a place other than a car mount. They can be used at anywhere and anytime. If you can get there is can be used.

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