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How do I remove the differential from a 1987 Jaguar XJS?


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August 22, 2012 8:54AM

You must first remove the rear suspension assembly. It's simplest to disconnect the exhaust system at the 3-pointed flange nearest the front of the suspension cage and remove the subframe with the rest of the exhaust still in place through the cage. Disconnect the brake hose, handbrake cable and propshaft bolts on the differential. Very important: Remove the speedo sensor on the back of the diff (difficult) or disconnect cable (under rear seat) and feed cable back out through hole in floor). Support rear subframe on a big jack with spreader (assuming you already have the car on high axle stands or a lift) and undo the 8 bolts securing the 4 rubber subframe mounts. (You will of course have removed the rear wheels, and you'll see the mounts attached to the chassis member). And out she drops. Then to remove the diff you'll need to disconnect the half shafts, the inner fulcrum bearings mounts and then the four wired bolts in the top.