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How do I replace lower ball joints on 1999 Chevy lumina?


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Remove the tire and wheel from your 1999 Chevy Lumina. Remove the nut on the top of the ball joint. Pound the ball joint out with a hammer. Reverse the process to install the new ball joint.


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The front wheel hub on a 1999 Chevy Lumina is connected to several suspension components. Loosen and remove all the components including the lower and upper ball joints. Pull off the hub assembly and install the replacement.

Drive it to the local garage and pay to have it done.

You can't service the lower ball joints by themselves. You must replace the entire lower control arm.

To replace ball joints on a 2004 2WD Ranger, lift the upper control arm of the spindle assembly and remove the nut holding the lower ball joint in place. Then lower the lower control arm to relieve the ball joints. Replace with new.รŠ

To replace lower front ball joints in a 1996 Jimmy, raise the front of the car. Grease both ball joints and install the spindle. Next, place the spindle over the ball joints.

Typically the squeaks in the front end mean you need to replace the ball joints. I recommend doing both upper and lower ball joints at the same time.

6 cyl.? Look at the lower rear end of the engine.

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You can replace just the ball joints on the lower control arms , but the upper ball joints come with a new control arm

upper or lower? if it's lower you can bet on paying upwards of 400$

If you need to replace the lower ball joints, check your owners manual for instructions. The manual should show you the location and how to complete the repair.

The ball joints are riveted or pressed into the upper and lower control arms, then the spindle is bolted to the ball joints.

If its 2 wheel drive, you will need a press. Those ball joints are pressed into the upper and lower control arms. If it is 4 Wheel drive you need to remove the rivets with either an air chisel or to drill them out.

There may not be one, My 2000 Lumina has a plug on the lower drivers side of the radiator that can be replaced with a petcock. Rather than do this I removed the lower radiator hose to facilitate flushing the cooling system.

first you take it in then pay them to do them for you!!!!!!!!!!

I had this problem on my 2000. I lubed all the fittings, especially upper and lower ball joints and the noise went away. Chevy wants you to lube every oil change. If you still hear the noise you'll have to replace. Check the Anti-Sway Bar bushings and where they attach to the A-Arm.


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If it is a 4+4, the lower ball joints wear quickly.

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