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Pinch back new growth to make the plant bushier.

Basil is a member of the mint family, so it likes good drainage and moist soil.

Given moist soil, full sun, and a regular dose of diluted fertilizer (like compost tea) you can trim your basil plants with scissors or pinch back with your fingernails.

Always trim back to a leaf node - don't leave bare stems.

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How do you trim basil?

Trim the topof Basil. The plant will grow in segments. As it grows it will form seed pods that will flower. If you want to use the basil throughout the growing season then trim the top portions of each segment. Make sure there are new leaves below these will start new growth that will keep continuous cuttings throughout the summer. Some gardeners let the plant go to seed and then harvest the whole basil plant at once. The cutting of the tops of the basil will encourage your plant to grow into a bushier more abundant plant.

What plant does basil come from?

from the basil plant, dah!

What part of the plant does basil come from?

Basil is its own plant.

What is basil made out of?

basil. y'know, the plant.

Where do basil leaves come from?

It comes from the basil plant!

What part of the plant is basil?

Basil is commonly harvested for its leaves.

Is basil vascular?

Yes, basil is a vascular plant

Is basil a arid plant?


Is the basil plant a gymnosperm?


Does basil make seeds?

Yes, Basil does make seeds being an angiospermic plant.

What type of plant is sweet basil?

Sweet Basil is called a runner, because the steam is low to the ground and it is short. There for called a runner plant.

Does basil plant have fibrous roots?


What is the common name of plant tulsi?


Do basil plant have fibrous roots?


What do you call basil plant in Yoruba language?

The Yoruba name for basil plant is Efinrin and you can identify it in the market by its minty scent.It may interest you to know that Basil plant belongs to the family of Occimim plants. The botanical name is Occimum basilicum.I hope this helps.

Are wasps attracted to basil plants?

no they are attracted to the bugs that are attracted to the long lasting flowers of a basil plant

What is holy basil in Hindi?

It actually means tulasi. Holy basil is very great plant in india.

What tool do you use to trim an outside yucca plant?

A sharp serrated garden knife would be useful to trim a yucca plant.

Plant family of Basil?

Lamiaceae, the mint family

What is the scientific name for basil plant?

Ocimum basilicum

What flowers are good for people who have allergies?

basil plant

Do earwigs like basil?

They are attracted to basil and will eat the leaves. I have a small basil plant that I keep in a 4" pot and it often has quite a few earwigs crawling over it.

Can you plant cilantro and basil together?

Basil and cilantro are ideal to plant together because they both love full sun and plenty of moisture. If you're planting them together in a pot and planning to make pesto with your basil, though, you may want to grow the basil by itself since you'll need a lot of it.

How do you harvest a basil plant?

pick the leaves off the plant by hands. leave enough for the plant to grow well.

Can you Trim A fire poker plant?