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You can use the clipboard on a Samsung Galaxy S3 using your S.Pen.

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Q: How do I use clipboard on a samsung galaxy 3?
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How do you find your clipboard on Samsung Galaxy pocket?

1. Download uc browser 2. go to ad ons 3. Clipboard

Can I use a keyboard with a Samsung Galaxy 3?

Yes. You can use a keyboard with a Samsung galaxy 3.

How do you find your clipboard on Samsung Galaxy Ace?

Open UC browser, then hold your finger on the address bar for 2 to 3 sec. You will get some options, among them you will find clipboard.

Does a Samsung Galaxy gear work without a Samsung Galaxy Note 3?

No, the Samsung Galaxy Gear requires to be connected to a Samsung Galaxy device (Note 3 in this case) to fully function.

How to find clipboard on the Galaxy galaxy note 3?

To find the clipboard on the Galaxy Note 3, first go to Messages, click and hold the blank text box, and select the clip symbol that appears.

What are the top rated Samsung mobile phones?

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Do you get earphones with Samsung Galaxy ace 3?

You get a pair of earphones when you purchase your Samsung Galaxy Ace 3.

Is the Samsung Galaxy gear compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Note gt-n7000?

Unfortunately, the Samsung Galaxy Gear line only works from the Galaxy Note 3 onwards.

Is Samsung Galaxy 3 better than the iPhone 5?

iPhone 5 is Better than Samsung Galaxy 3.

Can you change the battery and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10 inch?

You can change the battery of a 10in Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.

What day did the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 come out?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was released on September 25, 2013 (Wednesday).

Can you get kik on Samsung Galaxy 3?

Yes you can

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