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Q: How do Indian hawkers pollute the environment?
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Does the making of trees pollute your environment?

no tress does not pollute

What cars can do to the environment?

Pollute the environment :L

How do cars pollute the environment?

Cars pollute the environment because smoke comes out of their muffler and smoke is bad

How does fertilizer pollute the environment?

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What are the three ways to help the environment?

1. Don't Pollute 2. Don't Pollute 3. Don't Pollute

How environment is affected?

people pollute

Do toys pollute the environment?


Does fuel pollute the environment?


How does air freshener pollute the environment?

It Contains Chemicals Anything Containing Chemicals CAN pollute the earth

How is japan trying to stop pollute the environment?

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What is poullutants?

Pollutants are the substances which pollute the environment.

What is the worst way to pollute the environment?


Can nuclear power pollute the environment?


How does the burning of fossil fuels pollute the environment?

Burning a fossil fuel also gives off smoke, gases, and other by-products. These pollute the environment.

Are you doing enough to save environment?

Yes i think i am. We should not pollute environment.

Why do people pollute the environment?

People do not intentionally pollute the environment. They do it as a result of a lack of knowledge or lack of connection to the results of their actions. They do not see that what they are doing causes harm.

How does copper affect living things?

It can pollute the environment.

What two fuels pollute the environment?

oil and gas

What does eco safe driving achieve?

It does not pollute the environment.

What are 2 examples how humans interact with environment?

They pollute

How do humans impact the lakes environment?

They pollute it with chemicals!

How do farmers contribute to the pollution of the environment?

Farmers can pollute the environment by using pesticides for their crops

How do electronic gadgets pollute the environment?

Electronic gadgets pollute the enviroment by using fossil fuels and melting the ice caps

Do fireplaces pollute the environment?

Fireplaces release particulate and smoke as well as carbon dioxide to the environment

What chemicals pollute the environment?

smoke :) Hekllo Aku Budoy