Chinook Indians

The Chinook - of the Upper Northwestern Coast - were the people for whom a wind, a jargon, and a giant salmon are named. They were early pioneers in trade with other Indian tribes and with French and English explorers and traders.

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Chinook Indians

What did the Chinook children wear for clothes?

Chinook people mostly were naked. Women wore a "modesty" skirt, a short skirt made of cedar bark. Everyone had a hat to keep the sun or rain out of their eyes and there were capes to wear in the winter.

Chinook Indians

Did Chinook Indians eat whale?

If a whale became beatched they would use the whale for blubber and food.

Chinook Indians

What reservation was the Chinook tribe put on?

The Chinook people were never moved onto a reservation. Many were allotted land on the Quinault Reservation but few moved there.

Chinook Indians

What material did the Chinook people use to build their houses?

Chinook houses were built of split cedar planks. There is a very good replica of one on the Ridgerield, WA wildlife refuge.

They had wood

Chinook Indians
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What did the Pacific Northwest people make?

Although the question is quite vague, I assume the person posting the query is asking about the crafts of the people indigenous to the Pacific Northwest.

Each Northwest Indian nation has its own characteristic designs, of course, and those familiar with native Pacific Northwest art can tell what tribe or even what village a piece came from at a glance. Arts and crafts Northwest Indian artists are best known for include basketry (including distinctive basket hats and capes), intricate woodcarving (especially ceremonial masks and majestic totem poles), and weavings (including the unusual Chilkat blankets).

Chinook Indians

What did the Chinook indians hunt?

The Chinooks were mostly "ocean eaters". For the most part they ate sea mammals and fish, especially salmon. But if they hunted for "red meat" they would go for small game, deer, or even birds. They also ate roots and berries.

Elk was an important food too. Not only for meat but for the skins.

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Chinook Indians

Why did the northwest coast Indians need blankets and copper shields?


for warmth and protection

>> regarding Nisga'a use of blankets & copper shields <<

The Nisga'a regard both of these items to be of extreme value. Copper shields being the most valuable of the two. Owning at least one shield showed great wealth. A chieftain would "ant'aaphl hayatskw" - count the copper shields at his potlatch to display his wealth and strengthen his standing in the community. This term is still used to this day when a potlatch is hosted.

Niit'ipxaathl Gaak - Keane M.T. Tait
Chinook Indians

What did the Chinook people wear?

Chinook men didn't usually wear clothing at all, though some men wore a breech-clout or a piece of fur or cape. Women wore short skirts made of cedar bark or grass. In the rain, the Chinooks wore capes made of rushes, and in colder weather, they wore fur robes and moccasins on their feet. Later, after European influence, some began wearing blankets as robes. Both men and women sometimes wore a basket-hat made of finely woven spruce tree roots. The Chinooks sometimes painted their faces, using different designs for war, religious ceremonies, and mourning, and women also wore tribal tattoos in geometric designs. Most Chinook people wore their hair long and loose, although some women adopted other fashions, like braids, from neighboring tribes.

William Clark (of the Lewis and Clark expedition) wrote of their attire upon meeting the Chinooks: "all go litely dressed ware nothing below the waist in the coldest weather, a piece of fur around their bodies and a short robe composes the sum total of their dress, except a few hats, and beads about their necks arms and lets."

Chinook Indians

What is the region that includes the Chinook and tillamook Indians?

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Chinook Indians

How do you pronounce Chinook?

Chinook is pronounced, in English, "shih-nook"

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Chinook Indians

What is a potlatch?

potlatch is a celabration of,for example,making ur first basket,you would celebrate that. :D

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Chinook Indians

How did Native American's come to the North American continent?

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Chinook Indians

What did the Chinook Indians use for money?

Chinooks did not have money like we understand money today. Chinooks traded items to get what they wanted or needed.

Dentalia shells were prized and very valuable. In the early 1900s a large carved shell could by several bags of groceries.

Chinook Indians

What did the Chinook eat?

The Chinooks were fishing people. Their main food was salmon, but they also hunted for deer and birds.

They also ate roots, berries, and alot of other fish and sea animals.

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Chinook Indians

Where did pacific northwest people live?

Peoples of the Pacific Northwest lived in large wooden houses. A house, called a 'long house' or a 'plankhouse' housed an extended family and the slaves.

The house could be from 60 to 100 feet long made of split ceder planks. These houses lasted for 100 or more years.

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Chinook Indians
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Chinook Indians

What is the special skill of the Chinook tribe?

Chinooks were expert traders and canoe builders.

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Chinook Indians

What does nanook mean in eskimo language?

Bear (Polar Bear) Master of bears.

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Chinook Indians

What languages are spoken by Chinook Indians?

Today, Chinook people speak English. There are also less than 600 people who speak Chinook Jargon, which is a revived pidgin trade language.

Historically, They spoke a set of languages called The Chinook Languages, which are all extinct.

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Chinook Indians

How did the Chinook Indians gather their food?

Chinooks were hunters and fishermen. They gathered roots and berries. They also traded for food.

Arrow heads and spear tips were made of stone with wooden shafts. Fish nets and line were made of woven tree bark and/or grasses.

Roots were sometimes dug using a double tipped canoe paddle.

The main foods of the Chinook people were salmon, elk, and wapato root.

Chinook Indians

What type of houses did the Chinook live in?

Chinook people lived in cedar plank houses. You can visit a modern plank house at Ridgefield, Washington.

The Chinook lived in long houses with more than fifty people sharing one house. In 2005, a full-scale replica of a Chinook-style cedar plank house was built at the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge near Ridgefield, Washington. This area was once an area of inhabitance for the Cathlapotle tribe (a Chinook people).

The Chinook Indians lived in longhouses made out of cedar wood. The houses were usually up to 70ft. long.

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What tools did Northwest Coastal Indians use?

Tools mainly crafted from the surrounding environment, whale bones and other animal parts as well as materials from the sea were used. For example, the stomachs of sea lions were used as inflatables to float whales back to shore after hunts, and weaponry could be fashioned from the left over body parts of the animal.

Chinook Indians

How many people still living in Hupa Tribe today?

not very many they are actuly considered extinct

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Chinook Indians

What kinds of jewelry Chinook tribe?

They would wear wooden or shell type jewelry.


Chinook Indians

What games did the Chinook play?

During the long wet winters, the Chinook held up in their long houses, mending tools and playing games.

The mens favorite game was called hide-the-disk. A mat is placed on the floor with the centre raised up to form a small ridge, which is kept in place with four wooden pins stuck through the mat into the ground. Two persons play seated at each end of the mat. Each player has ten discs of wood, two inches in diameter. The only distinguishing feature about these discs is the different colors at the edges. There are but two discs of value; one has a black edge, and the other is perfectly plain, while the others have different quantities of color on them, varying from the black to the white. These discs are then hidden in a sack, twisted, shuffled and separated into two equal parts still inside the sack. These are then rapidly moved about on the mat from side to side, the other player keeping his eyes most intently fixed upon them all the time. He has bet either on the black or the white one, and now, to win, has to point out which of the two parcels contains it. As soon as he makes his selection, which is done by a gesture of his hand, the parcel is opened, and each piece is rolled down the mat to the ridge in the center. He can thus see the edges of all, and knows wheth er he has lost or won.

The womens' favorite game is called roll-the-dice. A sort of dice is made of beaver's teeth with hieroglyphics carved on each side. These are shaken in the hand, and thrown down, the game being according to the marks on the teeth, as the spots are counted on dice.


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