How do Muhammad and Jesus compare?

Jesus and Muhammad cannot be compared except that Jesus had a human body as Muhammad was human.

Jesus came from heaven through virgin birth while Muhammad was earthly from human parents. Therefore Jesus is sinless and Muhammad was a sinner (Surah 48:2).

Jesus is God in the flesh (John 1:1,14; 1Tim 3:16) died for others and was resurrected while Muhammad is a human and died because of his sins and still in the tomb.

Jesus had witness from other prophets about His Sonship and His mission to die for other's sins while Muhammad had no witness about his prophethood.

Jesus was killed for other's sins as prophesied by Jewish prophets (Isaiah 53:4-6, 8; Dan 9:26) while Muhammad caused the killing of many and died.

Jesus proved His claim as the Son of God by resurrection from dead while Muhammad could not prove even his prophethood by any signs.

Jesus taught to love and save lives while Muhammad taught to hate and distroy lives.

Jesus promised heaven with His presence while Muhammad promised a heaven with virgins, wine and milk.

Jesus knew where He is going while Muhammad was not sure about whether he would go to heaven.

Jesus was a man (humanity) of love and compassion while Muhammad was a man of war.

Jesus taught monogamism while Muhammad taught polygamism and practiced this in hisown life by taking more than 12 wives.