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Islam has more or less re-apportioned Jewish and Christian prophets as Islamic prophets and argues that all of these prophets are part of a larger Islamic prophetic tradition. As a result, most of these prophets are highly regarded, but their message in the Qur'anic narrative may be different from that in the Biblical narrative.

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Q: How do Muslims view Jewish and Christian prophets?
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What is the Muslims' view of Hebrew prophets and Hebrew Bible?

The Muslims regard the Prophets as real, but they believe that the Jews have misunderstood the words of the Hebrew Bible. Some even believe the words of the Hebrew Bible were written down incorrectly. One of the key differences between the Muslim view of the Hebrew prophets and the Jewish and Christian view of these people is that the prophets in Islam are sinless people who never erred in judgment. The Jews and Christians have numerous episodes in the Bible where the prophets commit sin or make errors (such as Lot's act of incest, Moses' initial refusal to speak to Pharaoh, and David's intentional murder of Uriah to get Bathsheba). Islam rejects all of these stories.

How do Muslims view Jewish and christian prophets such as Abraham Moses and Jesus?

It is obligatory on each Muslim to believe in all the Prophets of Almighty Allah. Hazrat Abraham (AS) is the Imam of all- the Leader. He built the Ka'aba where the Muslims perform Hajj in the manner described by Hazrat Abraham (AS). Hazrat Moses (AS) is the prophet who has been mentioned in the Qur'an many times at many places in many contexts. Hazrat Jesus Christ (AS) and his mother Hazrat Mary (Maryam) have also been mentioned in the Qur'an.

Who was The leader of prophets?

Christian Answer:Yeshua, Maschiach of and Redeemer of Israel. The Office of the Chief Prophet of the People of Israel is one of the three Offices that constitutes the final "Maschiach" of Israel.Jewish Answer:Jewish tradition does not view any one person as a leader of all the prophets.

Are the teachings of Jesus and the Hebrew prophets part of Islam?

Islam teaches that Jesus was a real, historical person but does not accept all his teachings or the Christian view that Jesus was the Son of God. In fact, Islam is largely based on an interpretation of the Christian Bible and Hebrew scriptures, so the Hebrew prophets have a place in Islam as well.

How do Muslims view God and Jesus?

Muslims view God as the one and only one God with no partner, no son, no father, no companion, no associate, and no equivalence. Refer to question below for God names and attributes. Muslims view Jesus as one of the 5 greatest prophets (namely: Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad; peace be upon them all). Refer to related question below.

If someone says they are Hebrew Crossed Over Christian what does that mean?

From a Jewish point of view:It means they have abandoned their Jewish faith for a different faith.From a Christian point of view:It refers to a Jewish person who converted to Christianity and may (or may not) still identify as a Jew.

What prophets were sent by God with a message but were turned away?

According to the view held by most Muslims, virtually all of the prophets mentioned in the Hebrew bible with the exception of Moses, and prophets sent all over the world. The "they killed their prophets" is a very common accusation against religious Jews in the world of Islam, hence Judaism is viewed as a corrupt version of Islam.

Did Islam originate in India?

No, Islam as known today originated in Arabia in the city Mecca. Buddhism is the religion with a large modern following that originated in India From the Islamic point of view, however, Islam originated with the life of the Adam of Genesis., Muslims believe that all prophets mentioned in the Koran , and the old Testament, as well as Jesus and Mohammad, were Muslims and their religion was Islam. Even original followers of the Prophets were Muslims .

How does Islam view Christianity and Judaism?

Quran, Muslims holy book, calls followers of Christianity and Judaism as 'people of the book'. Muslims believe in the holy books of Christianity and Judaism (Bible and Torah) and believe in the prophets of the two religions (Moses and Jesus).

What is the role of the rabbi in Judaism?

The rabbi is a leader in the Jewish community especially from a religious point of view. They are like a pastor or preacher of none Jewish christian religions. They have the ability to make rulings on matters of Jewish law.

What scripture do Jews use?

The Jewish Bible is called 'Tanach'. The word Tanach is an acronym made up of the names of its three sections: Torah (Teachings), Nevi'im (Prophets), K'tuvim (Writings). The Christian Old Testament was based on the Tanach, however, it was altered by the Church to support the teachings of Christianity. The majority of Jews do not view the Christian OT as a valid religious text for Jews.

Who is the prophesied prophet Jesus or Muhammad?

The Christian view is that Jesus was not a prophet, he was the son of God. In Islam, both Jesus and Muhammad are considered prophets.

What is the Jewish view on the discrepancy between the Islamic creation story and the Christian one?

We don't study the texts of other religions.

What religion is closer to Christian Jewish or Islam?

ANSWERWell the Jews might not all agree, but the Jewish religion is definitely closer to the Christian religion than Islam. The Moslems worship the false god Allah. The Jews believe in the same God as Christians, but as a group have not yet accepted Christ as the Messiah, although some Jews have. Answer:Lets put it together in a chart (from an outsiders point of view) comparing various aspects and beliefs of each religion: Mankind descended from Adam: Jewish Y, Christian Y, Islamic YUses old testament prophets: Jewish Y, Christian Y, Islamic YHas ten commandments: Jewish Y, Christian Y, Islamic YHas one god: Jewish Y, Christian Y, Islamic YHas a heaven: Jewish Y, Christian Y, Islamic YBelieves they alone are right: Jewish Y, Christian Y, Islamic YHas supernatural beings (angels etc.): Jewish Y, Christian Y, Islamic YHas miracles: Jewish Y, Christian Y, Islamic YInfo direct from god: Jewish Y, Christian Y, Islamic YHas existence of Jesus: Jewish(Coming someday), Christian Y, Islamic YJesus is divine: Jewish N, Christian Y, Islamic NOrdered to convert others: Jewish N, Christian Y, Islamic YWilling to kill members of one or both of the other religions: Jewish Y, Christian Y, Islamic YClaims supportable by science: Jewish N, Christian N, Islamic NMost believers pleasant people: Jewish Y, Christian Y, Islamic YIt would seem that all three are very similar with no clear closest relation

What do Judaism and Christianity have in common that Islam doesn't believe?

Muslims viewChristians altered the original message of their prophets in calling for worshiping God as the one and only one God with no partner, no son, no companion, no associate, and no equivalence and some of them claimed that Jesus is son of God and others claimed that Aliazer is son of God. Muslims do not believe that God has a son. Refer to question below.Jewish ViewAs Christianity was based on the rejection of Judaism, the two religions have virtually nothing in common. The closest commonality would be that the Christian Old Testament was based on the Tanach (Jewish Bible) but the OT was altered to support the teachings of Christianity.In truth, Judaism and Islam have far more in common with each other than Judaism does with Christianity.

Can Christians marry Muslims?

A Muslim man can marry a Muslim. Christian, or Jewish woman (As Muslims believe in the holy books of Torah and the Bible and they believe in Prophets Moses and Jesus and all other God prophets). However, a Christian or Jewish man can't; per Islam religion; marry a Muslim woman (As Christians and Jews do not believe in neither the Quran nor in Prophet Muhammad). In Islam practice, the husband prime responsibility is to cover the family expenses even if his wife works and even if she is earning more money than the husband. In addition, Muslims have faith in the holy books (including Torah and Bible), and in both religions of Judaism and Christianity, and all prophets (including Abraham, Moses, and Jesus) while Jews and Christians do not have faith in Islam, in Quran, and in prophet Mohamed. So, it is logic if husband is Muslim to accept for his Christian or Jewish wife to practice her ritual worships, social activities, and clothing according to her Christian or Jewish religion. However, if the husband is Christian or Jewish he may not accept his Muslim wife to practice her ritual worships, social activities, and clothing according to her Islam religion. That is why a Muslim man can marry a Christian or Jewish girl/woman while a Muslim girl can not marry a Christian or Jewish man. Some others have the view point that any person of any faith can marry anyone they want and that love conquers all, even religion. However, this is true only if you are not committed to a religion with God or not believing in God at all. If you are committed with God through any religion, what so ever, you have to fulfill this commitment. This is in analogy to one committed with an employer through a work contract (despite the difference between commitment in contract with God, the Creator, and commitment in contract with an employer, creature). Does falling in love with someone entitle you not to go for work or not to fulfill your work commitment? The same answer applies to your commitment with God when you fall in love and thinking of marriage. On the other hand, of course you have full right and full choice to select either to fulfill religion commitment or to abandon the religion you committed to and throw it behind. However, choice is responsibility. You should be aware that your choice defines the consequences that you get in front of God on the Resurrection Day. Either one goes to God Paradise or one be Pushed in Hell fire.

Where can you view Christian pictures?

ChristianPhotos, christian-view and photobucket are some sites where you can view Christian photos online. You can also go to your local library and Church.

What would a Muslim say about Jesus?

Muslims view Jesus as one of the five greatest God prophets (namely; Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad; peace be upon them). refer to question below for more information.

What are the religious view on diets?

Seventh Day Adventist Christians, Muslims, and most Jews adhere to Jewish dietary law as set forth in the Torah, (first five books of the Bible).

What is the role of messiah in Jewish and Christian beliefs?

The Jews and Christians have fundamentally different views of what a Messiah should be. The Jewish view of the Messiah is that he will be a terrestrial monarch of a Jewish Kingdom on Earth and preside over the Earth in a new peaceful era. The Christian view of the Messiah is that he will be a Divine Incarnation and through his own expiation, purge all those who believe in him of their inherent and explicit sins.

Is the christian view on corporate social responsibility applicable to business?

is the christian view on scr applicable to business

Why Christians do not believe on Muhammad?

Answer A: Muslim's ViewEvery religion believes in their own prophet. Muslims-a part of being Muslims- is believing that Prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h. is the Prophet of Islam, the Messenger of Allah swt. Christians believe that Prophet Easa (Jesus) is the son of Allah which is a contradiction with Muslims because Muslims believe that Allah swt is the one and only, he has no sons, mothers, daughters, children, he created Adam and Eve and thus began the human race. They believe that Jesus is a prophet. Answer B: Christian's ViewChristians believe that Jesus is the culmination of God's message to the human race. By dying for our sins, he completed God's acts of salvation. There is therefore no need for new information about God after the message about Jesus. Any prophets who come after Jesus would only be minor prophets whose task is merely point back to the crucifixion of Jesus as the central event in human history. Anyone who denied that Jesus was crucified would be a person whom a Christian could not accept as a prophet.

Does Christianity share any of their prophets with any one else?

All the prophets in the Old Testament are revered and studied by both Christians and Hebrew people. Sometimes other religions will borrow from the prophets of the Old Testament but they do not deem the Bible as being authoritative like Judaism and Christianity does. Islamic and Jewish tradition view Jesus as a prophet. Christianity sees him as a part of the holy trinity.

What are some similarities between the Hebrew faith and Islam?

They both don't eat pork because the pig is prohibited for eating, in the Qur'an and the Torah. Also they believe in ONE God. The Christians believe in the trinity but Jews and Muslims both believe that this is false. Another similarity is how they view the Prophets. Although Judaism rejects Muhammad (pbuh) and Jesus as Prophets, both Muslims and Jews believe in Jacob, Isaac, Moses, and Abraham. This is just naming a few

How many views do muslims have on Jesus Christ?

There is only one view of the Muslims about Hazrat Jesus. The Muslims believe in all the holy Prophets (May peace be upon them all). They do believe in Hazrat Jesus Christ (AS) a Prophet. He is also called by the Name of Messiah in the holy Qur'an. But the Muslims don't believe him the SON of Almighty God. The Muslims consider it the Greatest, Severest and Unpardonable sin to associate parents, of-spring, or Associate with Almighty God. He is the Sole Creator, Sustainer, Provider and Ruler of all the creation.