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It is really mmm... Not real its like something they would create on you tube it's so stupid..kind of stupid person would do that

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Q: How do WWE action figures move themelves?
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Are WWE wrestlers dolls or action figers?

They are action figures

How do you make an WWE steel cage for action figures?

you buy the wwe steel cage for big figures

Are mattel WWE toys poisonous?

The WWE toys and action figures are not poisonous

What are all the WWE superstars that are action figures?


Is there a website that has WWE merchandise for action figures?

Yes it is wweshop.

Where can you get a WWE ring?

any store were there is belts and action figures

How can you make weapons for WWE action figures?

use clay

Who makes WWE action figures?

nerds make them from plastic and then they sell them to the wwe just kidding

Can you get masks for WWE action figures?

no but you can get different wrestlers and switch there masks

Do they sell WWE nexus action figures?

yes, they sell them online

Who comes with WWE raw arena?

the wwe raw arena comes with action figures Jhon Cena and Batista.

How do you perform wrestling moves with WWE figures?

Move parts of their body.