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Instead of sweating like humans, the pant.

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Q: How do animals lose heat after exercise?
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How do animals lose heat beside perspiring?

animals such as dogs/ canines also lose heat via panting (with their tongue sticking out) or some animals lose heat through large ears ( such as elephants, also by wafting their ears to cool their bodies)

Where do animals lose their heat?

through the anus

How do animals without sweat glances lose weight?

Sweating doesn't make you lose weight, sweating happens to cool your body down when you exercise, animals just pant instead.

What is the maximun amount of water weight a person can lose?

With prolonged exercise in the heat, it is possible to lose over 5 liters of water. That's about 10 pounds.

How animals obtain heat loss or heat gain?

Different animals have different ways of losing or gaining heat. Cold-blooded animals like snakes, for example, gain heat by lying in the sun. Dogs lose heat by panting, and other animals sweat to cool down.

Why is the rate of heat loss greater in a small animal than a large one?

bigger animals has more body fat to insulate themselves........

How do you lose a pound?


How to lose Wright?


What when gases lose heat?

When gases lose heat they condensate into liquids.

How can a dog help you to lose weight?

Dogs need to be taken on walks, walking is exercise, exercise can help you lose weight

What is best male exercise to lose weight?

exercise at a 65% vo2max

What is exercise used for?

Exercise is so you can stay fit and lose weight!