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How do annelids eat?

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Some families of annelid have evolved jaws to bite, whereas others can basically vomit up (or evert) their oesophagus to grab food. Others have neither method and may use crowns of palps called cilia to filter food from the water, or just ingest sediment through unspecialised mouths.

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What do annelids eat?

Annelids eat lots of things, depending on the worm.They can be scavengers, blood suckers, hunters, eat bacteria, of be filter feeders.

Where do annelida live?

Most Annelids live in the soil. They eat food which is available in the soil. Examples of Annelids are earthworms.

How do annelids get their food?

they don't eat the get their food by the soil and absorb it

How do annelids obtain food?

Annelids have a mouth and anus and a digestive system to process the food they eat. Earthworms eat dirt that contains organic material and expell it in the form of humus. Leeches suck blood.

What do a lesser electric ray eat?

They eat polychaete annelids, snake eels, sea anemones, and crustaceans

How do annelids impact humans?

annelids impact humans because the earthworm's tunnels make way for air, water and plant roots to get in the soil and they make the soil more fertile. Marine annelids can be used as bait and prey for fish which we eat.

What are annelids?

Annelids are segmented worms, such as earthworms or nightcrawlers.

Where do annelids live?

Annelids live in freshwater habitats.

Are spiders annelids?

No, they are arachnids. Annelids are segmented worms.

Do annelids have an endoskeleton or exoskeleton?

Annelids have endoskeletons

What kind of symmetry do annelids have?

Annelids (such as earthworms) have bilateral symmetrical.

Are annelids bilateral symmetry?

Yes, Annelids have bilateral symmetry.

What is the economic importance of annelids?

give the economic importance of annelids

Are annelids invertebrate animals?

Yes, Annelids are invertebrate animals .

What makes a annelid an annelid?

annelids have only 1 foot for example worms and leeches are annelids

What is the difference between nematodes and annelids?

annelids got segmented bodys

What type of body plan do annelids have?

Annelids exhibit bilateral symmetry.

What do all sorts of frogs eat?

Adult frogs follow a carnivorous diet, mostly of arthropods, annelids and gastropods.

Do annelids have jointed legs?

Annelids are a class of segmented worms to include earthworms and leeches. No, annelids do not have jointed legs. Insects have jointed legs.

What phylum do annelids belong to?

Annelida is the phylum Annelids belong to, hope I helped :)

Annelids exhibit which type of symmetry?

Annelids (such as earthworm and leeches) have bilateral symmetry.

What skleteon do annelids have?

annelids (such as worms) dont actually have skeletons, but are soft-bodied

What are some differences between annelids and nematodes?

annelids are larger than nematode

Do annelids have an open or closed circulatory system?

Annelids have closed circulatory systems.

How do annelids obtain energy?

Most annelids are scavengers or detrivores ,others carnivores .

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