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Bats emit a type of biological sonar which we call echolocation. They let out a loud, high-pitched sound (often above the range of human hearing) which bounces off any obstacles in its way, and then returns to the bat in the form of an echo. These return waves tell the bat how far away the obstacle is as well as its size and shape. These bats have large ears which are very good at understanding the information brought back to them by the echoed waves of sound.

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What other animals use ultrasound?

the bats

Which animals use ultrasound waves?

Ultrasound is used by dolphins and bats. Dolphins use it to communicate whereas bats use it to determine how far away their prey is! But they are not the only ones to use it

How do animals use ultrasound an infrasound?

Bats use it to navigate their caves and dolphins use it to communicate. Mice also use it to attract mates. (Ultrasound)

How do bats use ultrasound to hunt?

i dont kno do i! i wanted to kno if u did!

How do bats use ultrasound to hunt for their food?

They use echolocation (a form of ultrasonic ranging) to locate their food.

Which animals communicate using ultrasonic and infrasonic sound and how?

Bats use ultrasound. Elephants and crocodiles use infrasound.

What do animals such as bats and dolphins use ultrasound for?

Bats and dolphins use ultrasound to locate their prey. They use a SONAR (sound and navigation system). They send out ultrasonic waves using their mouth or nose and when the waves hit an object they bounce of and make an echo. Bats can tell what the object is and even the shape and size of it just because of the sound of the echo.

Can you hear the ultrasound waves that a bat uses for echolocation?

No, we cannot hear the ultrasound waves that they use. The sounds the bats make, are high-pitched, and no human could hear it.

What does a bat use ultrasound for?

bats have bad eyesight so they use their echo ultrasound and big ears to reflect sound and tell if there is something in front of them so that they can see similar to how a cats wiskars work

What animals can hear ultrasound?


Which sound waves are produced by bats?


Explain how bat uses ultrasound to find its prey?

Bats, as one may know, are blind, and to find it's prey (food) it causes ultrasound, which is invisible of course, imagine a wave, in the ocean, the waves hit something, and the wave is directed back to where it came from, and anything the wave does not hit, continues. That is how bats use ultrasound to hunt.

What is the ulrasound?

sorry for the spelling mistake. here it is. Ultrasound is a type of sound wave that has a frequency of over 20,000 so it is nearly impossible for a human to hear it. Bats use it to communicate and to see as they have bad eyesight. They use their echo ultrasound to reflect sound so they know if something is in front of them. Humans use ultrasound to see living cells in the body like when a woman is pregnant they it to scan and measure the baby's heart rate. Mice also hear ultrasound and people use special equipment that use ultrasound to scare the mice and other insects away.

Who uses ultrasound?

Animals use ultrasound but i do not know what animals do,

What sounds are above 20000 hertz?

Bats' sounds are in the ultrasound range, so are the waves used for ultrasound diagnostic.

What jobs use ultrasound waves?

Doctors use ultrasound to check the health of an unborn baby.

Are there any uses of ultrasound in medicine?

yes when you get an ULTRASOUND when your pregnant it use ultrasound waves to show the image.

Do animals use ultrasounds?

Some animals do and some animals don't. Most animals make no use of ultrasound, but bats for example use ultrasonic echolocation to navigate in the dark.

Why use ultrasound and not xray?

xrays are more dangerous than ultrasound

What EL is in ultrasound?

Echo Location. Bats do this all the time.

What is the evidence to suggest that dolphins can use ultrasound like an ultrasound scanner?


Do dolphins use ultrasound to find fish?

dolphines use ultrasound to navigate through water to find food

How do holer monkeys use ultrasound?

Ultrasound is below the threshold of human hearing. Howler monkeys use ultrasound because it travels much further than higher frequencies.

Do bats use radar?

No. Bat's use ultrasound (witch is a pressure wave) rather then radio frequency (electro-magnetic waves) and therefore are more like Sonar then Radar

Doctors are able to make sonograms through the use of what?

Doctors are able to make sonograms through the use of ULTRASOUND.Ultrasound.

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