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When u eat food your body takes out the calories to burn. That is wat produces energy. However if have to many calories at one time your cant burn it fast enough and will eventually becomes fat

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Energy is formed in body from food.

Our body gets its energy from the food we eat

Food changes into energy when the carbs aare absorbed by the body. for this to happen the body has to digest the food.

The body uses all the food groups for energy.

Metabolism is the process of burning food by the body to release energy. Metabolism is the process of burning food by the body to release energy.

You get the energy you need by eating food. Your body makes energy with the nutritions in the food. It can make kinetic energy or potential energy.

Vitamins and Minerals help the body change food into energy.

when you eat food your body gets energy, what is the time you use the energy

metabolism is the process by which your body produces and uses energy from food

the form of energy the body use is food

the calories from the food and sugar provides energy for the body

food gives your body nutrients and gives it energy

it uses the food as energy around our body

The human body converts food energy into work, thermal energy or chemical energy that is stored in fatty tissue.

Animals get energy from the food they eat. Their body transforms chemical energy in the food into kinetic energy, thermal energy, and other chemical energy

Most energy from food is used to perform different works of body and in maintenance .

when you eat food, your body transforms it to chemical energy. for example, when a grape goes into your stomach, your body turns it to a type of energy. that energy is chemical energy.

The body needs energy to maintain its temperature, and to enable the muscles to do work in moving itself and other tasks. Digestion is the way the body obtains energy from food.

The body regulating food is your metabolism. When your body digests the food it uses food thermogenesis to break down the food into energy.

Your body does not make energy, it extracts it from the food you eat.

food provides the human body with nutrients and energy. and all living things need energy.

The food you eat gives you energy.

Food provides the fuel ( energy) for man's physical activities.The role of food in your physical activities is that food provides the body with energy. Without energy, the body becomes weak.

food gives out nutrients which inturn produces energy. food is a supplement to the body's energy

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