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they dont

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Q: How do bond energy and bond length relate?
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Related questions

How do bonds length and bond energy relate?

bonds get bigger with the more energy

In general how are bond energies and bond length related?

They both deal with bonding atoms. Also, the shorter the bond length, the greater the bond energy.

What are bond energies and how to they relate to the stability of the bond?

Bond energies are the measure of strength of a chemical bond. The larger the bond energy, the stronger the bond.

How does the strength of a covalent bond relate to bond length?

i have no idea sorry maybe you should check a chemistry book

Which has higher bond energy Ccl or Coh?

bond energy or bond dissociation energy is relative to bond length and therefore the amount of electrons involved in the bond so figure that out and i believe you'll have your answer

Bond length in a an Br2 molecule?

The bromine diatomic molecule has a bond energy of 190 kilojoules per mole. This translates to a bond length of 228 picometers.

How does bond dissociation energy relate to the number of shared electron pairs?

higher is the no of shared pairs of electrons higher will be the bond dissociation energy.

How are bonds length and bond energy related?

A very long bond between two atoms means the two centers of attraction are far apart and the energy is lower. As short bond length means the centers of attraction are closer and the bond is thus stronger. Bond length is also related to bond order, when more electrons participate in bond formation the bond will get shorter.

What are bond energies and how do they relate to stability of a bond?

Bond energy is a measure of the strength of a chemical bond, that is the amount of energy required to break a bond. The larger the bond energy, the stronger the bond. For covalent bonds, bond energies and bondlengths depend on many factors: electron afinities, sizes of atoms involved in the bond, differences in their electronegativity, and the overall structure of the molecule. There is a general trend in that the shorter the bondlength, the higher the bond energy and the stronger the bond.

What is the relationship between bond length and bond dissociation energy?

The bond length of two atoms is the distance between the centers/ nuclei of the atoms involved in the bond. In order to break any bond, energy of a certain value has to be supplied. this means that the closer the nuclei of the bonding atoms are, a greater supply of energy is needed to separate the atoms. in other words, 'short' bond lengths require high dissociation energies to break the bond.

What determines bond length?

The distance between two bonded atoms at their minimum potential energy, that is, the average distance between two bonded atoms, is the bond length. I think that the left over valence electrons is what determines the bond length and the distance between the "howevermany" atoms are in the compound. The bond order is related to the bond length, when more electrons are in the bond formation it causes the bond to get shorter.

How are bond energy and bond strength related?

Bond energy is a defined quantity, the amount of energy to convert 1 mole of compound into its constituent atoms, bond strength is not a strictly defined entity, it is sometimes used as a synonym for bond energy. Spectroscopists talk of bond strength and relate this to the resonant frequency of functional groups in say the IR/Raman spectra.Bond energy is the energy that is needed to break down one mole. Bond strength is the degree that is in a atom.

How does stored chemical energy relate to chemical bonds?

Each bond has a bonding energy which is released in a chemical reaction.

The distance between two bonded atoms at their minimum potential energy?

bond length/ bond distance

What is the relationship between bond length and bond strength?

the stronger the bond, the shorter the length of the bond

What is the trend between bond length and bond strength?

The shorter the length the stronger the bond.

How energy gap decreases as bond length of the conductive polymer increases?

There is less repulsion by electrons.

Bond length is the average distance between two bonded atoms?

at which potential energy is at a minimuim.

What is the potential energy of the atoms If two covalently bonded atoms move farther than a distance of the bond length?

If two covalently bonded atoms move further apart than their normal bond length, the potential energy of the entity containing the two atoms is increased.

Can you relate exothermic and endothermic reactions to the making and breaking of bonds?

Bond breaking is endothermic, which means it takes energy. An example would be breaking a window. Bond making is exothermic, which means it releases energy. An example would be burning a substance.

What is bond dissociation energy?

Bond dissociation energy is the energy it takes to break a bond.

What is the bond length of iodine in its structure?

Bond length of iodine: 266,6 pm.

How is bond length measured?

Bond Length is often measured in picometers (pm).

Bond length in Hydrogen sulphide?

The bond length is similar to the Ethane (Ethz155)

How do the LCAO model explain the fact that He have a bond energy og 1e-3 and average bond length of 50 angstrom?

He does not form a chemical compound. The He2 molecule is not knon. The He2+ cation has a very transient existence and has a reportedly very short bond length of approximately 0.75 Angstrom.