How do bones act as levers?

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they act to help move your bones

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Q: How do bones act as levers?
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Related questions

Which parts of the body act as levers?


How do you move your limbs?

your bones act as levers for muscle pressure.

What are the 3 bones in the ear that act as levers?

hammer, anvil, stirrup.

What do your muscles and bones do to help you run?

Your bones act as levers via which you are able to run and move, and the muscles ideally attach to the bones as drivers, engines and enacters of the motion achieved in those levers.

Which body parts provide the effort when bones act like levers?

The Muscles.

What provides support and levers on which the muscular systems can act?

Bones/skeletal system

Function of bones in the human skeletal system?

The hold you up, and act as levers to allow you to move.

How are muscles considered levers?

they aren't, the bones are the levers.

Do most bones act like levers on which muscles act to produce movement?

No. Bones help keep our body the right shape, and are moved by muscles, but muscles use the protein from our food as the energy to move them.

What do your bones do?

Bones have many functions in the body. They provide structure to the body, protection to organs, calcium storage, red blood cell production, and act as levers for movement.helps us move

Which bones help the body move for lifting objects?

Just about every bone in teh body helps move or lift objects. bones act as levers for the muscles to contract against. wiki on!

How do bones grow or work?

They grow by being built by osteoblasts and they work to protect the body, produce blood, store minerals, and act as levers for movement.

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