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How do boys flirt?

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2011-09-12 21:15:16

Oh that's an easy one. he is all weird around you. makes

countless jokes, tries to talk to you constantly ,, shakes his

hair, makes you laugh. Looks at you all the time. Makes fun of your

friends behind there back but right to you. has to be around you.

They always give out a vibe. once a boy complimented my water to

get my attention. I think his exact quote was " whooo, uhh,

Fiji.... I like that water... do youuu... drink it a lot and often

orrr what?" Its a weird way to flirt but that's how boys flirt,

hoped it helped. Bye

also some immature guys may just make fun of you in a joking

way. they like to make you laugh or see your reaction. some guys

are too shy to show their feelings, so they hide them by being

kinda mean.

i know what you mean, the boys at my school always pick the same

girls from a certain gang. its so annoying! those boys are cute and

funny, but they call me names all the time! for instantse, a man,

blobby, a dwarf, a thumb (short) even tho im slightly taller tahn

them! i really don't know how to react so i just tell em to shut

it, plz help?

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