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Where do Budhists go to worship?

They don't.

Do the Chinese worship cats?

i once her at P.F Chang's that the Chinese worship a Golden Cat and the rest of the Asians were Budhist but the Chinese worshiped a cat and if it shook its left arm back and forth that was bad luck and if it shook its right arm that is good luck but the other Asians [Thais,Laotians,etc.] but note that the North Korean's worship their Supreme Leader,but as i said earlier,the Chinese worship the Golden Cat as the Budhists worship the Budha statues

Do budhists eat chicken?

No, Buddhists are strictly vegetarian

Do budhists eat pasta?

Yes but only with Dolmio sauce.

Who were budhists?

Buddhists are those who follow exactly what the Buddha had taught them.

Do Budhists eat pork?

Yes. There are no dietary restrictions in Buddhist thinking.

What do Budhists wear?

Buddhists wear bright orange robes when they are monks...

What are Tamil and Sinhalese disagreements?

Tamils want a separate State for tamils. Singalese says Srilanka is only for Singhala Budhists.

Do the Budhists visit Mahasthangarh?

yes, they do. but the visit <bihars- the holly places> often. Mahasthangarh is a Budhist civilization, not a sanctuary or av temple

Where is the place of worship for atheists?

Atheists do not have a place of worship, as we do not worship anything.

Where do you worship?

Catholics worship in a church. Jews worship in a synagogue. Buddhists worship in temple.

How do hindus worship Agni?

They worship it like they worship all.

What gods did they worship and how did they worship them?


Did the egyptians worship dogs?

no, they didnt worship dogs, but they did worship cats.

How do Christians worship Jesus?

Christians do not worship Jesus. They worship God.

What is ancestral worship?

Ancestral worship is just what the name says : worship of their ancestors. such is found in Native American "worship", and has strong ties in buddhism and other asian "worship"

What did the christians believe about worship?

Christians worship God. We often worship with our hands up in the air in worship towards God.

What is the place of worship for Rastafarian?

Rastafarianism place of worship Rastafarianism place of worship

Oldest form of worship?

ancestral or nature worship were the first forms of worship

Where do sikhist worship?

Sihks worship in a Guruwara. Translated it means 'place of worship'

Does China worship dragons?

No they worship crickets. They worship them because they are the wisest of animals.

Where do Christians worship and on what day do they worship?

Primarily, Christians worship in churches on Sundays.

Where do Budhists pray?

Buddhists do not pray in the Western sense (ask favours of a deity, worship a deity, or ask forgiveness of a deity) as there is no "god" in Buddhism. Neither does Buddha fill the role of a god. As a consequence Buddhists do not pray. They do however gather to meditate, listen to learned people discuss moral issues and the Buddhist view point. These activities can be carried out almost anywhere but frequently happen at a temple or similar building.

Who do Sikh's worship?

They worship God.

Where do Taoist worship?

they worship at a shrine