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Butterflies do not build cocoons, they lay their eggs directly on the leaves of their food plant either as solitary eggs or in clusters. Usually they do this on the underside of the food plant leaves.

The caterpillars hatch out of the eggs and begin to feed on the food plant growing all the time and shedding their skins as they do so.

Finally when they are full size, they will crawl away form the leaves and using a sticky silk thread which they produce form their mouth area, they will anchor themselves to a secure branch and shed their skin once more. This time when the old skin comes off the new body sheath will be a covering called a chrysalis which will hang from the silk thread. This is the pupal stage of the caterpillar's life cycle.

Inside the pupa the caterpillars organ's liquefy and reform to the body shape of the adult butterfly and after this process is complete the pupa cracks open, the adult butterfly crawls out and pumps up its wings to remove the crumples and dry the wings.

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Do butterflies make crysalisis?

Yes, Butterflies do make crysalisis. Moths make cocoons. Some butterflies make cocoons too. Pee girl

Do moths come out of cocoons or chrysalis?

Moths have cocoons and butterflies have chrysalis.

Do butterflies make coccon?

Bu6terflies make chrysalises rather than cocoons. Moths make cocoons out of silk and butterflies make chrysalises during their molting.

Are butterflies caterpillars?

Well they (were) caterpillars before then they go into their cocoons then when they come out they are butterflies because they grow in the cocoons but it takes a long time so basically yes.

How do caterpillars get out of there cocoons?

Caterpillars do not come out of cocoons. Caterpillars make a cocoon and then come out as moths. Butterflies make chrysalis. Cocoons are made of silk and butterfly caterpillars do not do this.

Do more cocoons turn into butterflies or moths?

They can turn into both.....

How do butterflies leave their cocoons?

they brake it open with there hands and feets

Do moths form cocoons?

Yes, moths form cocoons. The cocoon is spun the moth pupa. Other insects form cocoons as well: earthworms, silkworms, and even the cases surrounding spider eggs are called cocoons. Butterflies do not spin or form cocoons.

Do butterflies come from cocoons?

N they don't they actually come from chrysalis

When do butterflies come out of their cocoons?

Today is March 30, 2009 and a whole swarm of butterflies were flying down this one street.

When do Monarch butterflies come out of their cocoons?

In Southwest Florida, it usually takes about a week.

Are butterflies colored when they come out of cocoons?

Yeah but they r covered in cocoony stuff

Do butterflies spin cocoons?

No, butterflies form chrysalids but some species spin silk onto leaves to form a hibernaculum out of the leaf.

Do butterflies really eat their way out of their cocoons?

No.The cocoon breaks and the butterflie comes out.

Why don't painted lady butterflies move when are first out of cocoons?

Because they are doing their makeup!

Do cocoons grow in groups?

Some caterpillars do have cocoons in groups. The group is usually a family of caterpillars that build a web like nest around there to cocoons for protection.

Type of butterfly that comes from a cocoon?

ALL butterflies come from cocoons. No they don't. Moths come from cocoons. Butterflies come from a chrysalis. Actually moths do too, but the caterpillars of moths make a cocoon around themselves before becoming a chrysalis inside the cocoon.

What type of bug comes from a cocoon?

There are many insects that come out cocoons. Butterflies and moths are obvious choices, however, fleas, some parasites, beetles and flies also have cocoons.

When do butterflies transform?

Butterflies usually hatch from their chrysalis cocoons in the spring, but they can hatch any time of year in tropical climates. Understand the variables that affect when butterflies hatch with information from a butterfly conservatory curator in this free video on butterflies.

How do butterflies make there cocons?

Butterflies don't make cocoons - caterpillars do. They produce silk (similar to a spider) which they form into a cocoon while they change from caterpillar to butterfly.

When do caterpillars build their cocoons?

about 10 days after hatching out of their egg

Do caterpillars attack other caterpillar's cocoons?

Caterpillars do not attack or bother other caterpillars cocoons. It has been known though for male butterflies to mate with female caterpillars right before they emerge as a butterfly.

Where to look for cocoons?

Although some moths camouflage their cocoons with twigs or leaves, most simply build them in hidden locations: the undersides of leaves, in crevices, etc.

What time of the year do silkworms build cocoons?

less than half a year

What month do caterpillars build there cocoons?

There is no specific month that a caterpillar will build their pupa. Typically the caterpillar will build their pupa in the spring or early summer months.

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