How do change the front and rear brake pads in a 2000 Ford Explorer?

This is actually a fairly easy job. Obviously you loosen the lug nuts (but don't completely remove them until the wheel is off the ground). Jack up the car and support it with either jack stands or cinder blocks. Remove the wheel. Using a 12mm socket remove the two bolts on the back of the caliper, then swing the caliper away from the rotor (you may need to tap it slightly with a rubber mallet). Then remove the old pad from the "outside" (the side away from the caliper piston). Use a "C" clamp against the other pad and the back of the caliper piston and squeeze the piston all the way back into the caliper. Remove the pad you left on. Then just click the new pads in place and put the caliper back in place. If you have trouble getting the caliper in place the sleeves that the bolts go through are probably in the way so just pull them back out of the way and the caliper will pretty much fall into place. Replace and tighten the caliper bolts and VOILA!!!!! you're done. Same procedure for both sides. Make sure you start the truck and pump the brake pedal several times to get the pads against the rotor before you start to drive, otherwise the pedal will go right to the floor while you're driving and you'll be pumping like crazy trying to stop. It usually takes me about 45 minutes to an hour to do both sides. GOOD LUCK!!!! I recommend a 13mm socket. Make sure you distinguish between inside and outside pads for left and right wheels -- they're different.