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How do change the passenger side headlight on a 1974 VW Beetle?

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the bottom screw on the healdight rim releases it from the wing- the other two screws are for adjusting it. make sure you have the new headlight on with the proper adjustment done or your light will be pointing in the wrong place. unscrew the headlight, make note of where the wires go, unplug them and plug in the new one. hook the top of the headlight rim over the little lip in the wing and screw it on again. hope this helps.

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Where is the the battery in a 1974 beetle?

It's under the rear seat, behind the passenger.

What cylinder is number 1 on a 1974 VW beetle?

Passenger side, behind the manifold.

Will 1974 beetle doors fit on a 1954 beetle?


How do you attach the throttle cable to the gas pedal for a 1974 super beetle?

If it is like the 72 beetle, Have someone hold the the carb throttle open to give you some slack in the cable, then hook it in from the passenger side. If you hook in from the driver side it will come up done trust me

Does a 1974 VW Beetle have a cigarette lighter?


What is the engine size for 1974 vw beetle?


What is the size tire for a 1974 VW beetle?


What is the idle rpm beetle 1974?

1500 rpm.

Will a 1965 bug bumper fit a 1974 super beetle?

1974 was the first year of energy absorbing Beetle bumpers. You can't use earlier bumpers on 1974s.

How much does a 1974 vw beetle weigh?

1800 pounds.

What is the wheel size for a 1974 VW beetle?

15 inch

Where do you put the brake fluid ina 1974 VW Beetle?

Well, the engine in a 1974 vw Beetle is in the back of the car. So the brake fluid in front or the back to the left of the right.

How do you remove front mount from a 1974 vw beetle?

Front mount of what?

What size battery does 1974 Volkswagen Beetle need?

12 volt

What size fuel tank does the 1974 VW Beetle have?

10 gallons.

Why does a 1974 super beetle have Porsche emblem?

Someone put one on it.

Where is the gearbox on 1974 vw super beetle?

between the rear wheels

What is the difference between a 1973 super beetle and a 1974 super beetle?

The biggest difference is the 74 has energy absorbing bumpers that the 73 is lacking.

What type of oil goes in a 1974 beetle?

Stock motors used 30w.

What is the wheel width for a 1974 VW beetle?

4-1/2 inches.

Does anyone make a new 1974 super beetle dashboard?


How many quarts of oil is needed for a 1974 Volkswagen Beetle?

2.5 litres

Is the 1974 vw super beetle air cleaner the oil bath type?


Are there grease fittings on a 1974 VW Super Beetle?

Mine didn't have any.

What is the oil capacity of a 1974 Volkswagen super beetle?

The 1974 VW Super Beetle engine oil capacity is 3.5 quarts. Three quarts of oil will be in the engine and one half quart of oil will be in the oil filter.