How do changes in society affect music?

Could this question be, in many cases, putting 'the cart before the horse'? We know that music is perhaps, the most powerful, 'moving' art/statement we know of. It is clear that many attitudes and policies have been changed as a result of songs. Bob Dylan and Peter, Paul and Mary among others had showed great influence for change, or facilitated change, among 'the beats' of the 1960's, for instance.

Nevertheless, from the standpoint of the question, some major social factors that effect music are:

1.Technology, which has a profound effect on music. The highly crafted instruments of the pre-industrial age gave us instruments such as the recorder & the violin. Brass instruments were common even in ancient times, but were used for signalling, and were limited to the harmonic series. Industrial metal working techniques gave us sophisticated brass instruments and improved the projection of instruments such as the piano. The electronic age gave us even greater volume and created a path for the age of recording. The digital age has enabled us to perform complex sound manipulation. The resulting music, to some degree, is a product of technology; for example, brass was introduced to the orchestra after the industrial revolution. The electic guitar and thus the typical band needs electricity. You can see where I'm going here.

2.Large scale human movement can also have a profound effect. Human migration, as well as trade and war, has moved both instruments and musical ideas around the world for centuries. These days, easy communication has a similar effect.

3.Social and economic factors can influence the type of music by defining who plays it and who pays for it.

Baroque music results from professional players playing to an educated elite. Folk music is non professionals playing to their peers.

The energy that drives musical changes can be seen as a matrix between technology, the movement of humans and ideas, and socio-economic factors.

Think of any band, composer and musical style, and consider it in the context of this matrix. This theory does not predict or explain the specifics, but it does set out why the changes were possible...

Society's Effect on Music

You know a lot of people write songs about wars etc that are going on, but also things in society like pregnancy etc if you experience really good or bad things in life, you can tend to express yourself a lot better with a song. So obviously everyone is part of society, and the things you experience in it prompt people to write songs. I'm basically saying society effects music by giving people reasons to write a personal song.