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to become a vampire you will need...

-one vampire

What to do...

-Exchange blood withyour vampire ( they drink your blood and you drink thiers)

-Once done you need to die

-In (X) you will come back in transition

-You drink a humans blood or you die and don't come back


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โˆ™ 2011-06-26 20:36:48
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Q: How do characters become vampires in books and movies?
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If you were satanic would you become a vampire?

Vampires are fictional characters only in books and on t.v.

Where can you find vampires or lycans?

Books and movies. They exist only in books and movies.

Is there any vampires now?

There are no vampires, only vampire movies and books.

How can you've a vampire?

Vampires don’t exist and are only in books or movies. You can’t become a walking dead. Dead are dead.

How do you turn in to a vampire?

There is no such thing as vampires, they are just in movies and books. But I wish that there was vampires, that would be very fun. In movies and books, the only way to turn into a vampire is get bitten by one.

Is there a for a human trun thereselfs into a vanpeir?

Vampires are fictional characters in books, movies, and television. It is not possible to turn another person or yourself into a vampire as they are not real.

Where does vampires live?

Books, movies, myth, legend. The occasional comic or anime.Vampires do not exist.

How can you become a vampire alone?

Actually, it's impossible to become a vampire. Even though there are books that have characters that ARE vampires, it's just a book. It isn't real.

Where can i find vampires?

In books, movies. They are fictional and do not exist in reality.

What made you want to write books about vampires?

Horror movies.

How do you find vampires?

You will only find them in books and movies. They are fictitious.

Do vampires live again?

no they never have. vampires only live in movies and books. back in the past there might have been vampires but not now.

Can humans turn into vampires?

In real life, no. In books and movies, yes.

A prayer to become a werewolf?

There is no prayer to become a werewolf. Werewolves are not a real species of animals. They are fictional characters in movies, television shows, and books.

Who is a great author?

These are in my opinion, but i think anyone will like them. Darren Shan- He usually involves vampires or demons in his books. When I say vampires I mean real vampires, one of his more popular books became a movie. Meg Cabot- She usually writes romantic paranormal books, several of her books have became movies (Avalon High, Princess Diaries, and some other movies). Jaz Primo- His books are also about vampires, more like a romance for vampires.

Who much vampires live?

Many, they just do not admit their presence to the "humans". There are no vampires they only exist in good movies and books.

What books have the chacters as twilight?

I'm not sure what you mean. Do you mean "are the characters in the books the same as the characters in the Movies? Yes

Can vampires be living with people in school or anywhere and we wont even know that they are vampire?

No. Vampires are not real. They are in books and movies not in real life.

Can you really be a half vampire?

Of course Not! Vampires are soooo not real, they are only in movies and books!

How did they become vampire?

They, whoever they are, did not. Vampires are fictional. No one has ever become a vampire except in fictional books, films and TV series. In these it is up to the author how vampires become so.

How do you survive a vampire attack?

There are no such things as vampires. There is no need to know unless you watch in movies or books on how to do that.

Is their any vampire in this world?

No. Vampires are not real. They are myth and only in books/movies. They do not exist in reality.

How can you find a vampire that will turn you?

You can find a vampire in movies and story books only. Vampires do not exist.

In Vatican City where sun never be seen by the people there exist vampires right or wrong?

There is no vampires in Vatican City where the sun is never seen. Vampires are fictional creatures in books and movies.

Can vampires make a human into a vampire?

Only in books, movies, and games. Otherwise no since vampires are myth and only exist in make believe and superstition.