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by injecting the colours in ccfl lamp and it genrate rgb colurs...and

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An LCD that can show colors must have three subpixels with red, green and blue color filters to create each color pixel. Through the careful control and variation of the voltage applied, the intensity of each subpixel can range over 256 shades.

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Q: How do color LCDs work?
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Who would use for a CRT Monitor?

graphics artists.. the color reproduction is better on a crt then on most low grade lcds... and they are cheaper then the expensive lcds wow the first decent question today.. congrats, everyone else in an idiot

Why are LCDs replacing CRTs?

LCDs require less power than CRTs, they also do not flicker.

How do flat screen TV'S work?

Plasmas work by lighting up gases in a glass tube. LCDs work by lighting up "liquid" pixels individually.

Why are CRT monitors considered obsolete?

They are extremely large in comparison to LCD monitors, and they require far more power. So yes, CRTs are typically considered obsolete by today's standards, especially with the introduction of LED LCDs, which have a far better black level and color contrast. LED/LCD monitors also have far greater resolution, since a typical CRT resolution is about 480i, while LED/LCDs can handle resolutions up to 4K. LED/LCDs have much sharper picture, due to higher resolution, and modern LED/LCDs don't have the motion blur problems that earlier LCDs had. These factors make modern LED/LCDs better than CRTs in almost every aspect, and are the cause of CRTs becoming obsolete.

Are these new large lcd televisions good for video games?

There are a few glitches with these LCDs rarely. However, they typically work well.

Lcd or crt?

LCDs are much higher resolution.

Who makes Proscan lcds?

Owned by RCA, check it out on Wikipedia

What is difference between lcd monitor and crt monitor?

lcds are smallerand CRTs are larger in shape crts areprone to flickerand LCDs are free from flicker.because they do not rely on a scaning electron beam

Does LCD screen get warm?

Not noticeably. LCDs are very low-power.

Is it true that both laptop and CRT computer monitors hold a electrical charge hours after turning them off that is potentially deadly if you open and work on the monitor?

That is definitely true about CRT monitors. Opening one of them can be deadly and isn't recommended. As far as laptop LCDs, I don't believe they have the same effect. They work in totally different ways. I've opened up at least a dozen LCDs and have never been warned against doing it.

What are the advantages of a CRT monitor?

Non- LCDs are much better and cheaper to run!

What is Indium used for?

indium is used to make thin film coatings which are used to make electronic devices as liquid crystal displays (LCDs). thin film coatings which are used to make such electronic devices as liquid crystal displays (LCDs). indium is used to make thin film coatings which are used to make electronic devices as liquid crystal displays (LCDs).

Who makes LG LCD TV?

LG makes their own LCDs in Gumi, Korea.

Does Pokemon Yellow work in a Game Boy Color gameshark?

Yes, all Gameboy Color games work in a Gameboy Color Gameshark.

What is the general term that is used to describe components of a laptop that should be replaced by a service center?


What is the difference between ips capacitive touchscreen and tft capasitive touch screen?

IPS stands for in-plane switching. An IPS-LCD is a type of thin display that offers better viewing angles than TFT-LCDs. IPS-LCDs feature two transistors for each pixel, where TFT-LCDs use just one. This requires a more powerful backlight, which delivers more accurate colors, and allows the screen to be viewed from a wider angle. The downside is that an IPS-LCD may consume more power than a TFT-LCD. IPS-LCDs typically are found on high-end cell phones and portable devices.

What is the difference between an LED television and an LCD television?

An LED television uses light emitting diodes to provide backlighting for its screen, whereas traditional LCDs use flourescent lights for backlighting. The LEDs can be dimmed in sections at a time, rather than only as a whole like in LCDs; this means that an LED TV will be capable of producing more visible contrast in dark scenes. Many LEDs are also better at accurately displaying color than their LCD competitors.

What kinds of things contain LCDs?

In a "transmissive" type of LCD, this light is provided at the back of the glass "stack".

Which is better, the LED or the LCD?

There are really only two types of TVs right now; Plasma and LCD. LED is a type of LCD. It really has to do with backlighting. The first wave of LCDs used fluorescent backlighting whereas current LCDs use LED backlighting.


arious computer display standards or display modes have been used in the history of the personal computer. They are often a combination of display resolution (specified as the width and height in pixels), color depth (measured in bits), and refresh rate (expressed in hertz). Associated with the screen resolution and refresh rate is a display adapter. Earlier display adapters were simple frame-buffers, but later display standards also specified a more extensive set of display functions and software controlled interface.

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How do Game Boy Color games work on the Nintendo DS?

Gameboy Color games do not work on Nintendo DS. They will slide out or not fit. But, Gameboy Advanced games will work on DS.

How exactly do color cameras work?

Color cameras work by capturing the image through the lens and imparting an image onto film. The variety of different color cameras is great and a great source to find out how they work is:

How do artists use colour in their work?

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What are output devices and explain their functions also?

output devices are those who diplay or give you your results for any entered data. e.g Monitors LCDs Printers Plotters Monitors and LCDs give soft copy of your results And the other two give hard copy on papper or other printing meterials